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Aid trucks begin to reach Syria
Aid trucks departed from Istanbul and Anatolia on Sunday, 23rd February has begun to reach Syria.
Turkey 25.02.2014

Within the scope of the campaigns carried out by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, the trucks departed from Istanbul and Anatolia on Sunday, 23rd February has begun to reach Syria.

Within the scope of the campaigns ¨For the Vicinity Rights¨ and ¨I need you¨, the transfer of the humanitarian aid materials, which will be reached Reyhanlı and Kilis, to the refugee camps has been carrying out. Out of totally 229 trucks departing from Turkey, 80 trucks reached Reyhanlı, Hatay and 70 trucks reached Kilis. The trucks reaching Reyhanlı departed for Syria. At first step, 25 trucks went to the inner regions of Syria. 20 trucks out of 70 trucks reaching Kilis Coordination Office departed for Syria also. In the meantime humanitarian aid have also been transferred to Babunnur Tent City established in the recent time after the accumulation in Babussalam Refugee Camp.

Barrel bombardment continues

On the other hand the number of refugees escaping from barrel bombardment on Aleppo carried out by regime forces has been increasing day by day. While many of the Syrians living in Aleppo and its neighborhood try to hold onto life with the humanitarian aid and resolve not to abandon their homes, the Syrians whose houses were hit by the bombs had no choice but take refuge in camps. Destroying Aleppo's all neighborhoods in order, Assad troops are now force people to leave their homes systematically. Erhan Yemelek who is in charge of IHH Kilis Office dealing with the distribution and coordination of humanitarian aid made a statement about the situation in the region:

¨The human dignity was disregarded uncouthly in Syria which is to be remembered as a humanitarian tragedy in the future. We don't struggle only to keep victimized Syrians alive here, we struggle to cover the common offense of humanity with the people having a common conscience. We have orphans there, we do our best for them. We believe that they will form a generation to establish their own civilization. We will continue to pull out all the stops to protect human dignity and the honor of humanity.¨

Mentioning that as IHH, they will continue their effort in Syria until the humanitarian, conscientious, and moral crisis there come to an end, Yemelek said ¨In the trucks transferred to Syria, there are all kinds of food and clothes as well as materials of vital importance as medicines. They are essential for innocent Syrian people.¨


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