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Mavi Marmara witnesses recount in Baku
Witnesses recount the deadly Mavi Marmara attack at a public conference in Azerbaijani capital Baku. IHH President Bülent Yıldırım attended the conference. He said “I hope just as we had a voyage to G
Azerbaijan, Caucasus, Turkey 19.10.2011

The conference held by Asian Dialogue Public Union organization during which the passengers of the Mavi Marmara, that  was stopped on its way to Gaza by the deadly Israeli attack, shared their experience of the attack with the Azerbaijani people.

The conference drew huge interest from Azerbaijani deputies, politicians and representatives from various non-governmental organizations as well as press members.

Head of the Asian Dialogue Sevil Nuriyeva said Azerbaijani people very well understand the suffering of Palestinian people as she noted: “As the Azerbaijani people, we deeply know the meaning of occupation and injustice.”

Delivering a speech at the conference, IHH’s Yıldırım said the NGO will continue its efforts for Gaza until the Israeli blockade is lifted.

“By not taking a step back in the wake of the Israeli attack, those on board the ship told the whole world: ‘Your weapons cannot scare us.’ We have a very important mission for humanity since the blockade on Gaza has still not been lifted. Nine of our friends became martyrs, dozens of others were injured [during the Israeli raid] but the blockade is still there and Israel is getting ready for a war. So, we hold such conferences to tell the world leaders that if they do not want wars in the world, they should lift blockades immediately. Are not the world leaders powerful enough to challenge Israel? If not, why are they occupying those positions?” asked Yıldırım.

Calling on all the world leaders to join forces, fight against Israeli blockade on Gaza and not leave Turkey alone in this struggle, Yıldırım offered his thanks to Azerbaijan for its support to Turkey in this matter.

Mentioning also on the Nagharno-Karabakh issue, he said: “I hope just as we had a voyage to Gaza, we will visit Nagharno-Karabakh one day.”

Dror Feiler, head of the ‘European Jews for a Just Peace’, described Israeli attack on Mavi Marmara as a  massacre while noting that martyrs of the ship not only belong to Turkey but they belong to whole world.

Azerbaijani politicians and civil society representatives who created public consciousness for Mavi Marmara were presented with plaques as a symbol of appreciation.

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