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Balkans mobilize for Arakan
IHH and Legis Association launched a joint campaign for Arakanese Muslims.
Arakan, Balkans, Macedonia, Turkey 30.08.2012

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and Skopje-based Legis Association launched a joint aid campaign to raise funds for Arakanese Muslims.

They two organizations held a briefing and fund-raising meeting for Arakanese Muslims in the Macedonian capital Skopje. Macedonian Muslims were informed at the meeting about developments in Arakan. IHH Emergency Relief Coordinator Recep Güzel shared the violence and difficulties Arakanese Muslims have been experiencing with heads and representatives of scores of institutions.  

Sabahuddin Mahmuti, a lecturer from Skopje Isabey Madrasah, underlined in his speech that it was time to please Arakanese Muslims with assistance just like Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania were provided help at a period when they needed it the most.

In an address to journalists, Legis Association head Yasmin Recep stated their objective was to bring up the hardships Muslims in Arakan have been going through and send them assistance.

“Unlike in Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia, events in Arakan are not brought up much in the media. Therefore, we particularly want to publicize the crisis and support IHH aid campaign.”

“They are helping while they are in need themselves”

Speaking to Anatolia news agency reporter, IHH coordinator Güzel recalled that the goal behind establishment of IHH was to aid Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina, adding that the foundation would carry on lasting projects in the region.

He noted that although IHH had no branches in Macedonia, it had partner organizations such as Legis Association with which they were conducting joint long-term projects.

Güzel highlighted that Legis carried out significant humanitarian activities at Somali refugee camps the previous year.

Regarding efforts by Balkan Muslims to aid suffering Muslims around the world Güzel commented:

“The entire Balkans, particularly Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, underwent numerous hardships. They are only now recovering. Their contribution to such aid drives is pleasing and makes us proud. The Muslims in the Balkans were only a short time ago in need of help themselves, while they are now assisting Muslims thousands of miles away.”  

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