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Bülent Yıldırım explains the “Occurrences in the Muslim World”
IHH President Bülent Yıldırım attended a conference organised by Yedirenk World Student Community regarding the “Occurrences in the Muslim World.”
Palestine-Gaza, Turkey 12.03.2014

Yıldırım spoke at the conference in Sakarya University’s Culture and Congress Center saying that “Turkey has been wrongly and imperfectly described and as a result of this, today’s youth has trouble understanding the region in the strict sense.”

Yıldırım, without giving any regard to language, nation or religion, while stating that the IHH is a foundation that gives aid to and establishes dialogue with everyone, went on by saying that they were the first to respond to the tsunami in Japan and critical zones during the war in Iraq.

Yıldırım, while stating that oppression is of importance to the IHH, said that “when we take a look at the world we can see that 80% of all wars take place in the Muslim world. The controversy and wars are characterized as the “4th World War” by pro-Zionist American foundations. This war is nothing more than a war against the Muslim world. Those dying in wars are Muslim, whereas those doing the killing are the crusaders, Zionists, Buddhists and their allies and when we take a look at the world there is, indeed, a 4th World War taking places against the Muslim world. Resources of Muslim countries are being extracted and transported to their own countries through safe and moderate routes.”

Yıldırım, while referring to the fact that the youth must understand the world around them and that they are obliged with rendering service to those in need, continued by reminding what Serbians had done to Bosnian Muslims in the past and says there is a similar case taking place inthe Central African Republic.

Muslims will rid themselves of this oppression themselves

Muslims will save themselves from this delusion by first using their minds and intelligence, then their willpower to seize power. Yıldırım stated that “these massacres within the Muslim world will continue if Muslims do not seize control of their own forces. Neither the UN, nor will any other international community save us. Muslims will rid themselves of this oppression themselves."

While Yildirim stated that there are nice people with a conscious among Jews and Christians and that there were people of these faiths aboard the Mavi Marmara flotilla, he emphasized that collaborators who seize control over Muslim nations behave with a “we will prepare ground and instigate civil war and unrest” kind of mentality.

The actions taking place in Syria is 50 times worse than what the Serbians did to Bosnian Muslims

Yıldırım emphasized that most Muslims all over the world lived in Africa in the beginning of the century, however, due to missionary activities Islam has become a minority religion in Africa and that Christian monks and priests have been influencing Muslims within the region for over a century and they have been trying to convert them as well.

“Israel is cowardly and afraid. As Israeli Defence Forces were raiding our ship, the soldiers’ knees were trembling. They did by no means alert us,” said Yıldırım while stating that the Mavi Marmara, along with its Christian and Jewish activists, with a civil initiative, showed the world the true colours of Israel in the attempt of delivering aid to Gaza. 

We were in international waters. In the meantime the “parallel state” was printing propaganda against the Mavi Marmara. A Muslim needs to be alongside another Muslim especially whilst delivering aid in open waters. This “parallel state” today is saying what Israel said then.

Yıldırım, emphasizing on the atrocity taking place in Syria and that it has come to such an extent that it cannot be described, also stated that “the condition in Syria may even be 50 times worse than what the Serbs did in Bosnia. Although unwillingly, I have listened to many gruelling stories from around the world, however, we cannot even begin to name the torture and torment taking place in the dungeons and prisons of Syria.”

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