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Burkina Faso receives aid
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation extended Ramadan aid to impoverished African country Burkina Faso, which is suffering from poverty and epidemic diseases. An IHH team delivered fast-breaking din
Africa, BurkinaFaso 28.09.2007

The IHH, which is carrying out cataract surgeries in 10 African countries, has mobilized to help African people in Ramadan. The foundation extended its help to impoverished African country Burkina Faso.

The IHH delivered fast-breaking dinner to 1,500 people in capital city Ouagadougou. Those who attended the dinner expressed their thanks to the benevolent Turkish citizens and the IHH. In addition to delivering fast-breaking dinner, the IHH team distributed food packages to 1,000 needy families.

The foundation delivered a fast-breaking dinner to 1,500 people and food packages to 1,500 families in Titao, a town 250 km away from Ouagadougou with a population of 20,000 people.  

New projects completed

A maternity clinic, which was started to be built a year ago with donations of charitable Turkish citizens, was inaugurated in Titao. Birth delivery and other health services are provided with three doctors at the clinic. The IHH pledged to pay salaries of these doctors for three years.   

In Titao, the IHH also inaugurated a school, where 40 orphan students will be educated with funds provided by the foundation.

Titao residents suffer from epidemic diseases due to shortage of clean drinking water. To fight against water-born epidemic diseases the IHH drilled five water wells in the town. Locals were gratified to have been provided with clean water.   

Town residents expressed their gratitude over the help saying, “We have so far met many people from different parts of the world; however, we haven’t met people as compassionate as Turkish citizens.” 

Locals suffer from floods and droughts

West African country Burkina Faso has a population of 13 million people. Muslims make 70 percent and Christians 30 percent of the population. People live on agriculture and livestock breeding. The country has two seasons in a year, on being dry and the other rainy.

Productivity falls in rainy season when cultivated fields are affected by floods. Dry season that follows causes drop in the fertility of the lands. Therefore, Burkinabe people live in poverty year-round.  

The literacy rate in the country is about 18 percent and life expectancy is as low as 46 due to hunger, poverty and epidemic disease. Burkinabe people immigrate to Ghana and Ivory Coast in hope of finding jobs.    

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