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Cardone Sang for Palestine
World-famous French singer Nathalie Cardone paid a visit to “Mavi Marmara” ship which will carry the activists and humanitarian aid to Palestine. She sang “Hasta Siempre” onboard, a song usually attri
Europe, Palestine, MiddleEast, Turkey 02.05.2010

Famous French singer Nathalie Cardone paid a courtesy visit to “Mavi Marmara”, the ship that will take the activists on to Palestine together with the humanitarian aid cargo.

Nathalie held a press conference together with Durmus Aydin, Deputy President of IHH,  following their tour of the ship accompanied by delivery of information on the flotilla campaign “Palestine Our Route, Humanitarian Aid Our Load”.

Cardone, sang her famous song Hasta Siempre which she originally sang for Che Guevara and the workers, this time for Palestinian people. She also mentioned that she would like to go to Palestine onboard by the flotilla which will embark on its journey on the 23rd of May.

Cardone referred to Erdogan as “the courageous leader” pointing out at the most of the world leaders’ silence towards the situation in Palestine. Speaking highly of the Prime Minister Erdogan whose brave storm-out in Davos put Israel in spot, Nathalie Cardona went on to say “No one is brave enough to take that course. One person stood up against and called out to Israel ‘enough is enough’. No other leader was brave enough as Erdogan in defending the people of Palestine. It is very rare to find leaders like him.”

Nathalie Cardone, referring to Israel’s actions in Palestine as genocide, added “People of Israel were once praying for their freedom when they were locked in a ghetto in Germany. Now they are doing the same to the Palestinian people. They locked the Palestinians in behind the walls. I have a friend in Palestine, a journalist. Her name is Dalina. She has not been let out of Gaza for 3 years. She has sent me black and white photos of what is going on in Palestine, with a note saying ‘you can’t handle looking at the colored photos’. I asked her what I could do for Palestine. She told me to sing for them. But singing is not enough. I saw a little girl screaming out to Israeli soldiers, asking them to stop the oppression. I saw Israeli soldiers taking pleasure in what they were doing to those children. I sang the song of Che Guevara and began to defend those under oppression, for a better world. This is why I am here today. I am here for the children of Palestine.”

She went on to say, “I want the whole world to cry out. I want this occupation to end. I am a mother. No one has the right to destroy what takes us 9 months to bear.”

“What Israel has been doing is a genocide, it is a crime against humanity. These 8 ships will be delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza. I wish these ships to be the last ones, the embargo should end now, as soon as possible”, Cardone continued.

She added “I’ll do what it takes to help out, I will go with you onboard if necessary. They should avoid restraining the aid we deliver. We are doing what the politicians couldn’t do. If Palestine loses, the humanity and the conscience become all lost. After this war ends, will the children of Palestine ever forgive us? I do not want to die before this conflict is solved.”

During the press conference, Nathalie spoke about the children in Palestine, holding Huseyin Oruc’s daughter up, hugged Hana N.S. a female refugee from Palestine living in Turkey and chatted with her for a while.

Nathalie Cardone left the ship “Mavi Marmara” which is anchored in Sarayburnu, after thanking IHH officials for running the aid campaign.  

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