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Children: victims of war again
While it has been over one month since the start of the public unrest in Libya, heartbreaking human stories continue to come from the country. A five-year-old boy Muhammad Sanosi is trying to cling to
Africa 26.03.2011

Serkan Nergis who is from the five-member IHH team that visited the hospital talked about Sanosi’s story. “Muhammad Sanosi met with the bitter face of the war in Ajdabiya. When Gaddafi forces attacked Ajdabiya, the Sanosi family tried to flee the city with a vehicle but a bomb hurled by one of Gaddafi tanks just dropped near their vehicle. Muhammad’s mother was killed while the little boy was severely injured in the explosion. Hospitalized in Benghazi, Muhammad now tries to cling to life following a six-hour-long surgery but he is still kept at the intensive care unit. Doctors never leave him alone at the hospital and nurses say the little boy is like the flower of the hospital.”

The story of six-year-old Rakan Ahmad is no different. He was shot from his back in the recent attacks of Gaddafi forces in Benghazi. The bullet was taken out of the little boy’s body in a difficult surgery. Rakan can move in the hospital now on a wheelchair with the help of his mother.

Clashes continue violently in Libya

Sharing also his impressions from the region, Nergis said: “Clashes continue violently in Libya. Gaddafi forces besieged the cities in the north such as Misrata, Zintan and Zawiyah. A humanitarian crisis is taking place in Misrata in particular which has been under siege for a month. There has been no electricity and running water for the past month. Entry of food packages and medical supplies is not allowed to the city. Gaddafi forces deployed in the region constantly bomb the city; however, the public could breathe a sigh of relief after coalition forces bombed Gaddafi forces.”

In the east of Libya, clashes intensify in the city of Ajdabiya. Gaddafi forces that attacked Benghazi and killed 120 people last Saturday fled Benghazi after the bombardment of the coalition forces and began to attack Ajdabiya which is 150 kilometers away. Gaddafi forces failed to enter the city due to strong resistance but they bomb the city from outside. Violent clashes continue in the region although coalition forces bombed Gaddafi’s heavy weapons.

Work under way for the transfer of wounded Libyans

In the meantime, a five-member IHH team including two doctors paid visits to three hospitals in Benghazi to make a list of 50 wounded people who will be transferred to İstanbul to receive treatment. The IHH team visited the Central, Al-Hawari and Jalaa Hospitals in the city and received information about the health conditions of the wounded. Among 100 wounded people, Doctor Mahmut Coşkun made a list of 50 people who are in critical condition. Following the completing of the official procedures, the wounded people will be transferred to Turkey. 

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