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Children’s Day and Desperate Figures
November 19 International Day on Prevention of Child Abuse and November 20 Universal Children's Day were marked with various activities across Turkey and the world. As part of these activities, some n

While world leaders have been called on to protect children’s rights, statistics have shown that some studies conducted on children by civil society organizations are insufficient, hence state institutions should give more importance to studies on children. 

165 million orphans!

The problems of the children in Turkey and in the world have been brought to attention on the occasion of the Universal Children's Day. According to statistics, there are around 25,000 children in Turkey who live in the streets. There is a rise in the cases of rape and sexual harassment against children while around 1,700 children have been kidnapped over the past five years.

There are 250 million children, aged between 5 and 14, are in child labour world wide. 283 million children, aged between 12 and 17, cannot continue school education because they work. There are 958,000 child workers in Turkey. 31, 5 percent of these children go to school while the rest of them are unable to do so.

According to 2010 figures, there are 925 million people suffering from hunger in the world. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children lose their lives every day due to poverty. There are a total of 165 million orphans in the world today due to wars or natural disasters. These children face abuse from organ mafia and other evil-intentioned organizations particularly in the least developed countries.

What can we do?

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which cares for 22,505 of these children across 35 countries, help these children grow up in safety either with their relatives or at the orphanages the foundation establishes in many parts of the world.

Through its Sponsor Family System, IHH brings the children who need help with volunteer families who meet these children expenses for food, education, clothing, healthcare and accommodation.

You can take part in the Sponsor Family Project by making a monthly donation of 35€ or 50$ through a year and hold the hand of an orphan. You can fill out the sponsorship form in the link below to be one of our sponsor families.  

Please click to fill out the Orphan Sponsorship Form.  

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