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First images from returned Mavi Marmara boat
IHH officials and reporters were let into the Mavi Marmara boat following inspections by prosecutors. Pictures taken on the ship clearly show the extent of the terrifying attack.
Turkey 11.08.2010

After prosecutors completed inspections on the Mavi Marmara ship at Iskenderun Port, officials of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and a number of reporters boarded the ship.

Israel had cleaned blood stains on the floor, while leaving those on the walls untouched; there are a lot of shell casings inside the boat; most of the devices in the wheelhouse are either smashed or damaged; Israel had either taken or badly damaged most of the devices to destroy the evidence.  

Personal possessions of the Mavi Marmara passengers are piled up together in black plastic bags. The smell of food and beverages on the boat has penetrated all sections. 

The devices in the navigation room are damaged, bullet holes are painted over, glasses have bullet holes, all the stuff is piled together, a bullet is found on the floor, and every section including toilets have been cleaned. Among the things collected by prosecutor as evidence are blood stained, ripped clothes, lifejackets, handcuffs, and green vests worn by Israeli soldiers who boarded the boat. One of the defense lawyers said he saw some of the photographs on the boat had been marked with cross sign by Israeli soldiers. Cameras, video cameras, tripods, projectors, speakers belonging to reporters as well as bikes, computer keyboards, land phones, water heaters, fishhooks and large numbers of boxes were found inside containers on the Defne-Y boat. Bomb-dismantling experts accompanied inspection teams.

Hüseying Oruç, member of the IHH executive board who boarded the boat, said the boat had changed face during the period kept by Israel. “They have messed with everything. Every section has been trashed and all devices are smashed. There are blood stains on walls and lifejackets. There are a lot of shell casings where Cevdet Kılıçlar was killed. Some of the bullets have cut through the iron floor. We found a large number of bullets. The ship smells terrible. It has changed markedly,” he said.

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