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Flour Mills Installed by IHH Sustain Bread For Syria
9 mills installed by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation in Syria continues to produce flour for the war weary people.
Syria 08.01.2014

Mills producing flour for Syria has a capacity to produce 1.3 tons of flour in an hour. Flour produced here is distributed to the bakeries in the regions and made bread for the aggrieved Syrian people.

9 mills installed in regions as al-Rakkah, Idlib, Aleppo, Hama has been grinding the wheats in these regions. That their cost is low causes these mills to be desirable.

Idlib: Mills which are in Maart Nouman are producing flour for 120 thousand people in Keferruma, Kefrenbil, Has and the neighboring villages.

Mill installed in Aleppo is producing flour for 280 thousand people in Hulluk, Haydariye, Merce and Salihin. As especially bakeries and mills have been aimed to serve in Syria, this project of IHH plays an important role in producing bread that is an essential nutrient for people.

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