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Orphan Solidarity Days celebrations in Gaziantep and Trabzon
IHH teams are travelling from city to city in Turkey to embrace orphans.
Turkey 31.03.2012

Orphan Solidarity Days, a project launched by IHH and held for the second time this year, is continuing to be celebrated and pleasing orphan children across Anatolia.   

All around Turkey orphan children, their sponsors and volunteers are getting together as part of Orphan Solidarity Days between 16-31 March. Recently, celebrations for the project in the cities of Gaziantep and Trabzon helped to establish close relations among the participants and provided orphan children with the opportunity to have a good time with their families. 

In Gaziantep, 40 orphan children along with their mothers took part in a visit to museum organized by Gaziantep IHH officials and woman volunteers. The program lasted for four hours and ended with a meal and gift distribution to the children at Gaziantep Humanitarian Relief Association.  

“I feel better now that I have met you”

In Trabzon, orphan children were brought together at a breakfast program at Zigana Nomad Tent. Volunteers, sponsor families and families of orphans got the chance to know each other and exchange pleasantries at the program, which was also attended by IHH workers. The program also included a trip to Lake Uzun and concluded after a mass lunch and gift distribution to the orphans.  

One of the best moments of Orphan Solidarity Days organization that is marked in every part of Anatolia was a dialogue between a young boy and IHH staff. When asked by the IHH member “How are you?” the young boy named Hüseyin replied “I feel better now that I have met you” in the local dialect.  

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