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Significant help from calligraphy artists
Earnings obtained from an art exhibit organized by various calligraphy artists in Eskisehir was donated to Syria.
Syria, Turkey 25.04.2014

Pieces of art composed by calligraphy artist Mahmut Sahin and his students were displayed at an art exhibit in Eskisehir’s Tiryaki Suleyman Aga Mosque.

With strong participation the exhibit gathered great attention and a fourth of the artwork on display found their rightful owners.

Among calligraphy artists were several art lovers where beautiful pieces of art composed by various calligraphists filled the hall.

Calligraphist Mahmut Sahin stating that as responsible artists they started this campaign with the intention to provide some relief to the tragedy taking place in Syria, also said that efforts similar to the art exhibit will continue from here on out.

A board member of the IHH, Ahmet Emin Dag, remind that trucks full of humanitarian aid is constantly sent from Turkey to Syria and that the province of Eskisehir has set a good example. Dag also stated that the calligraphists’ endeavour and determination to mobilize their works of art for such a noble cause is quite admirable.

Velkalem Foundation’s President Fidan emphasized on the fact that while they are cherishing and keeping traditional art alive, they haven’t forgotten their social responsibilities and that they will be able to organize various events for those in need in Syria.

Yunus Emre Student Association (YUDER) President Musa Karadas, while stating that they have been susceptible to the crisis in Syria and added, “We hope to see the people of Eskisehir hasten their assistance in the following period.”

In Eskisehir IHH, YUDER and Velkalem Association’s jointly organised exhibit, earnings from the artwork that was put up for sale will be delivered to the needy in Syria.

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