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Heart-breaking story of Gazan family
Israeli troops fired at three daughters and mother of Halid Muhammad Rabbo, a Jabaliya resident, before his eyes. Two of the daughters died, while a daughter and the mother were severely wounded. The
Palestine, MiddleEast 16.02.2009

The true extent of devastation that Israel inflicted on Gaza during the week-long long offensive was revealed after Israeli military withdrew from region. Heart-breaking stories of the Palestinians who were affected by the attacks prove the indiscriminate actions of Israel.


Israeli troops fired at the family of Gaza resident Rabbo, killing two of his daughters and wounding the other daughter and the mother.


Rabbo told IHH officials next to the rubble of his destructed house how the incident happened. “When the Israeli tanks arrived here they asked through megaphones everyone to come out of their houses. I, my wife, my mother, and my daughters Sema, 4, Suad, 7, and Emel, 8, got out too.


“We left the house with white flags in our hands. Two Israeli soldiers were waiting outside. One was eating chips and the other chocolate.


“After five minutes of waiting, the troops on the tanks started firing at the children with M16 rifles. My three daughters were hit. Emel was shot 12 times and Suad’s chest was crashed. Sema was fired at three times and she was hit in the back. My mother started screaming.


"Soldiers fired at her too. She was hit in the arm and chest. I embraced my children and screamed for help. There was nothing I could do. Only one ambulance arrived.


"Israeli troops fired at the ambulanced and returned it back. No ambulances came to take my family to hospital. My mother and my daughters were killed before my eyes.


"They could kill me, but they did not. Israeli tanks destroyed my house after killing my family. We were helpless."


Belgium extended help to Sema, the only daughter that survived the attack. She is now being treated in a hospital in Belgium. Her spinal cord was bruised and she was paralyzed below waist. She will probably not be able to walk again, doctors said.


The IHH gave cash donation to Rabbo and his wife to rent a house and met their urgent necessities.


400 children killed in Gaza Israeli attacks


Although Israel says it targeted Hamas in Gaza, civilian Palestinians were also hit in the 22-day long offensive. The attacks killed 400 children, one third of all deaths. Medical examinations indicate killed children had been shot from a close range. Medical reports and interviews with the families of killed children document Gazan children were deliberately killed by Israeli military.

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