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Here “The Orphan Truth in the World”
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation presented the 2014 World Orphan Children Report that was prepared under the name "The Orphan Truth in the World" in regards to World Orphans Day to the public at a press conference that was held at Esenler Municipality.
Turkey 13.07.2014

With IHH's offer the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) last year declared the 15th of Ramadan as World Orphans Day and a press conference was held at Esenler Municipality in regards to this.

At the meeting where the 2014 World Orphan Children Report was disclosed, IHH President Bülent Yıldırım who spoke at the meeting said, their orphanages are all over the world and the orphans that they are making an effort in trying to make the orphans feel themselves in a family environment are happy.

When you ask orphan children in Turkey the question "what are you going to be when you grow up?" they reply back saying "doctor", "lawyer", but the orphans that are in camps in Syria answer back saying "I'm going to die", in war the future of the children are killed as well, said Yıldırım.

Around the orphanages that are theirs in Syria there are bombs thrown by Esad stated Yıldırım, he said that they have proposed an offer to the United Nations and OIC for joint emblems so damages to orphanages can be avoided during the war, during these projects the 15th of Ramadan was accepted as World Orphan Day.

From now on, on the 15th of Ramadan to detect and resolve the problems of orphans there will be an orphan congress held, said Yıldırım.


Yıldırım stated that IHH prepared a report with the name "The Orphan Truth in the World" and he continued on:

"Everyday 10 thousand children are left as orphans. Every two seconds, a child loses a mother or father. According to UNICEF, 200 million children are now orphans. We believe without the ones in the records there are 300 million orphans. Even close to 400 million. In 2013, 9.8 trillion dollars was spent for war, conflict and security. This is 11 percent of all the resources in this world. For the first time all the Islamic countries agreed on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and a unity was achieved about the orphans. With the joint decision of all countries it was decided to work on the orphans’ issue. The 1 million 100 thousand children that are kidnapped are in the hands of the prostitution mafia. Everyday 10 thousand children are left orphaned due to war, disasters and diseases, and this number reaches 3.5 million per year. More than 2 million children are left orphaned in Africa.

Between 1987 and 2007, 1 million children's organs were stolen. For the western countries the poor countries has become the basic provider of organs by stealing them. Every day in the world nearly 40 thousand children are left on the streets due to being at the age of 18 which passes the age limit of state care. Can solutions be produced for these? It can be produced. All orphans can be taken care of. Our aim is ensure all of the countries use all their resources on a regular basis to take care of the 400 million orphans."

Esenler Municipality Mayor Mehmet Tevfik Göksu stated that they have also been working on orphan projects for a very long time, and said that this year by collaborating with IHH they have accommodated for orphans from various countries.

Göksu stated that, IHH has not only carried the orphan matter into Turkey's agenda but they have set it as a world agenda, and continued on:

"We are an Ummah of a Prophet that was an orphan. Orphans are the amanah of the Prophet. To look out for them, to develop them in the best way, to solve their problems is both our humanitarian and Islamic duty. It is now understood much better that orphans are holy amanah's that need to be given love and a helping hand."

Please click here to read "the Orphan Truth in the World”

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