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Humanitarian problem in Syria multiplying as winter is approaching
The attacks upon Syria for the past 3 years has left millions of people to migrate to other regions and countries
Syria 12.12.2013

The civilians, both whose houses and lives have been torn apart are setting up tents in the empty spaces of regions in which they have found asylum, or are staying in recently settled tent cities.

As winter approaches, the situation bottom out in the tent cities where life standards have already been at the lowest level. The extreme cold weather was prevailed the region along with many problems.

Innocent civilians, having difficulties to receive basic humanitarian aid, are faced with ferocious winter conditions especially children, as 5 five Syrians children had passed away yesterday, freezing to death.

Just close to the Turkish border, 150 thousand people are living in over 20 tent cities. The families having a lack of blankets, winter clothing and heaters, suffer to pass through the hard winter conditions.

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