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IHH aims to reach out to 40,000 orphans in 2013
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation executive board member Murat Yılmaz has announced that IHH aims to reach out to 40,000 orphans in 2013.

Yılmaz’s remarks came during a meeting of Ankara Human Rights and Service Association.

Ankara Human Rights and Service Association organized a meeting which brought together sponsor families in Ankara supporting orphans to make an end year assessment. The meeting, which was attended by IHH’s Yılmaz, who is also responsible for orphan relief activities, took place at the Halil İbrahim Restaurant of Ankara’s Keçiören Municipality.

More than 1,000 people, devoted to the care of orphans, attended the consultation meeting, which has been organized for the second time. Yılmaz delivered a speech at the event about the situation of orphan children across the world and IHH’s ongoing orphan relief activities.

He said IHH regularly supports 27,500 orphans in 39 countries thanks to its Sponsor Family System, adding that a total of 10 orphanages have been established by the IHH in different parts of the world  over the past decade. Yılmaz said these buildings were opened for the orphans who lost their parents and have no relatives to take care of them. He also said 10 more orphanages will be established in 2013.

Yılmaz noted that there are sponsor families in every part of Turkey, adding that charity givers can contribute to meeting food, accommodation, education and other similar expenses of an orphan by making a monthly donation of TL90 (around 38 euros). 

Orhan Demirel, who is responsible for IHH’s orphan relief activities in Ankara, also delivered a speech at the event. He said IHH has provided sponsor families to 2,000 orphans in Ankara but this figure is too small when the population of the city is taken into consideration. He said there is need to increase social awareness and sharing in order to support more orphan children.

Members from the local and national press organs who contribute to the promotion of the foundation’s aid campaigns were presented with plaques at the end of the event.

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