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IHH attends meetings in London, Geneva
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation participated in the European Compliance Week in London and the Geneva Peace Week in Geneva.

IHH participated in two different events in Geneva-Switzerland and London-England, where issues related to humanitarian relief efforts were discussed.


Knowledge and experience were shared


At the Geneva Peace Week, participating groups exchanged information and knowledge on a variety of peace-promoting themes.


IHH International Relations Unit Coordinator Talha Keskin attended the four-day event with a presentation themed "Peace is Possible". Representing the Foundation, Keskin shared information on how humanitarian aid and development activities contribute to peace with the attendees.




Took two days


Ethics and compliance programs were also highlighted in London during the European Compliance Week. Managers and experts from all industries and organizations offered their expertise in the event. More than 300 individuals attended the conference.




IHH closely monitored the program in order to incorporate advances in the fields of adaptability and risk in its activities. Secretary General Durmuş Aydin, Board of Trustees Member Mahmut Yeşilyurt, and Coordinator of International Relations Unit Talha Keskin represented IHH at the occasion.



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