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IHH cargo train reaches Pakistan flood region
The cargo train that was dispatched from Turkey two weeks ago to carry relief supplies to flood-hit Pakistan has arrived. The 450-ton relief supplies donated by charitable people of Turkey will be dis
Pakistan 19.09.2010

Pakistanis are struggling to return to a normal life after suffering from the worst floods in the country’s history. Flood waters have begun to recede in northern regions, while people are still fighting with waters in southern regions. Dadu and Jamshoro cities in Sindh Province are still at risk. Two hundred new villages were submerged. According to a September 16 dated report by the National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan, 1,767 people have so far been killed and 2,966 injured. The report stated that 1,900,000 houses were either damaged or destroyed entirely.    

The cargo train that was sent to Pakistan two weeks ago by the IHH, which has been carrying out relief works since the first day of the floods, has reached the country. The cargo was received by the IHH officials in the country following completion of formalities. The 28-wagon load of relief supplies that were donated by the Turkish people will be distributed to flood victims in Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provinces, where the IHH has offices.  

Nalan Dal, IHH Emergency Aid Coordinator in Pakistan, said the cargo train headed for Islamabad after it was received by the IHH teams and noted the emergency relief supplies brought with the train would be delivered to people in need as soon as possible. The Pakistani people are waiting for a compassionate hand to be extended, Dal said, adding that the cargo included construction materials, prefabricated houses, textile products, foodstuffs, cleaning materials and shoes.

The IHH coordinator stated the affected people were still experiencing hardships caused by floods and recalled the ongoing impact of floods in southern areas. The latest United Nations report states Pakistan will need aid for at least another 12 months, Dal said and added official sources put the amount of funds needed for Pakistan to recover at $2.1.

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