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IHH collected TL25 million for Somalia at Ramadan
Turkey has gone on alert to help people in Somalia which has been undergoing the worst drought of the past 60 years and the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has collected donations of TL25 million s
Africa, Somalia 15.08.2011

While the Islamic world races to aid Somalia, the crisis caused by drought in East Africa has deteriorated since the beginning of Ramadan. Flocking of aid organizations to the region has been a source of hope for Somali people who are fighting against death in Horn of Africa. The IHH which has been carrying out relief efforts in the region since the first days of the crisis is trying to deliver humanitarian aid donated by charity givers to people who have been affected by drought.

The amount of donations made to the IHH for Somalia has reached TL25 million. In addition to carrying out emergency relief efforts, the IHH teams also plan to carry out permanent projects. The IHH which makes efforts for the well-being of Somali people through opening water wells, sacrifice of animals, provision of food, support of animal catering and opening vocational courses, is carrying out significant projects in the region.

IHH Emergency Aid Team is the first emergency aid team which arrived in East Africa where 12 million people have been suffering from drought and hunger. The IHH which has experience of delivering aid in the region even reaches out the areas where access is limited and difficult. IHH aid teams also provide medical support to people who have taken refuge at Dadaab refugee camp and provide food for them.

The easiest way for you to make donation to East Africa is to text AFRICA to 3072 to make a TL5 donation. Each of your text donations will be a remedy for an African who suffers from hunger in Horn of Africa.

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