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IHH delivers food aid to 1,000 families in Yemen's Aden
H Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered emergency food aid to around one thousand families in Aden, the capital of Yemen where the civil war is still going on.
Africa, Yemen 17.09.2015

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered emergency food aid to around one thousand families in Aden, the capital of Yemen where the civil war is still going on.

The civil war which broke out several months ago is going on in full blast in cities like Marib and Taiz.  In the cities where the armed conflict stopped, the people are facing lots of hardship. One of these cities is Aden which is one of the biggest port cities of the country.

The armed conflict that started 4 months ago stopped after Husis withdrew from the city a month ago. With the end of the conflict Aden, which is a big trade city, has been deadlocked. While the whole infrastructure collapsed in the city, there is no government enforcement in the city as the chaos reigns.  

The public offices are closed and the public buildings are serving as shelter for the immigrants. Some of the neighbourhoods in Aden is almost entirely destroyed. While no policeman or officer is posted in the city the public services are not working. The water and electricity is out of order in the city. The people have no access to clean water to drink. Power is cut off several times a day. Trash is not collected in the city. The security is maintained by people powered groups called People’s Resistance Forces which also tried to deliver the municipality’s lacking services.


One of the major problems in Aden is health service. As a result of the conflict all the hospitals in the city are damaged and out of use. Only one single public hospital survived the bombs and is still partially working. While public hospitals are no more working a few private hospitals are trying to serve the people. Because the private hospitals charges are expensive everyone is not able to get health service there.

Aden has a shortage of gas and fuel as well. Those who can get some feel lucky. In front of the gas stations people queue up for miles.

Most of the schools in the city are damaged during the conflict. The surviving schools are home to internally displaced people. The schools are scheduled to open in the following weeks. However, it seems very difficult as most of the school buildings are in disrepair and the teachers will not be able to get their pays.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation does not leave Yemeni people alone at this difficult time. IHH, which is undertaking humanitarian relief operations since day one of civil war, delivered emergency food aid to around 6 thousand families and health service to 1.720 families while building a mosque and sponsoring 2.193 orphan children.

Recently, IHH teams under very difficult circumstances made it to Aden by the sea and delivered food aid. The IHH teams are also checking the territory in order to realize different humanitarian projects.


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