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IHH teams departed for Ramadan aid
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation teams’ 2022 aid operations with the slogan “Continue the Spirit of Ramadan”, set out to deliver our donors’ donations to 57 countries including Turkey.

This year, IHH with its annual Ramadan projects in different geographies for the past 30 years, will carry out aid distribution in 57 countries including Turkey. As in previous years, we will give assistance to orphans and their families, distribute eid clothing to orphans, serve iftar meals, distribute food packets and cash aid in Turkey and other parts of the world.


Preparations are complete

IHH teams departed from our foundation’s headquarters to deliver aid in different geographies of the world. Speaking at the sending-off ceremony, IHH Secretary-General Durmuş Aydın explained that for 30 years, IHH has carried out aid projects for the oppressed, aggrieved and people in need. Aydın continued, “IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation will bring joy to the children, the needy, refugees and the deprived with our food packets, eid clothing for orphans, fitra, zakat and fidya donations. All praise to Allah, we have spread out to over 57 countries of the world from Latin America to the Middle East, from Asia to Africa.”


“We will be supporting the orphans”

Thanking donors for their support, Aydın said, “Hopefully, with your support, we will bring joy to the orphans. We will be supporting the orphans. We will give iftar meals, we will give sahur meals in regions of crisis, in regions with tents where refugees live.”


Aid efforts will continue in Turkey

Member of the Board of IHH Responsible for Domestic Aid, Mustafa Demir, spoke about aid projects scheduled in Turkey during Ramadan. Explaining that they have carried out aid projects extensively during the 2 years of the pandemic, Demir added, “Hopefully, our distribution of food packets will increase. We will carry out eid clothing distribution for orphans, and distribute fitra and zakat donations. Our cash aid projects for people facing financial difficulties will continue.”


To support our aid efforts

Donors can support IHH’s aid campaigns that will continue throughout the month of Ramadan by donating their zakat, fitra, sadaqah and food packets for Muslims in need in Turkey and different regions of the world. Donors can contribute;

-50 TL by texting FITRE and sending an SMS to 4072,

-50 TL by texting IFTAR and sending an SMS to 4072,

-10 TL by texting KUMANYA, BAYRAMLIK or IFTAR and sending an SMS to 3072. Additionally, donors that wish to contribute larger amounts can donate via IHH’s bank account numbers, online via IHH’s website or by visiting the nearest IHH branch.   

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