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IHH organizes orphans night in Gaza
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation organized an Orphans Night in the Gaza Strip.
Palestine, Palestine-Gaza, MiddleEast 03.04.2009

Social Affairs Minister Ahmad al-Kurd, Ziyaz Zaza, an aide to the prime minister, and scores of orphans attended the night. Drawings of orphans about post-Gaza conflict were displayed. Gazan orphans participated by

The Orphans Night was organized by the IHH Bureau in Gaza on 2 April 2009. The Social Affairs Ministry, Jamiyat al-Mucamma, Jamiyat al-Islamiyyah and Jamiyat Salah contributed to the program. The program was held at the Sevva Conference Hall. Government officials al-Kurd, Zaza and a number of Hamas administrators attended the night. Orphans displayed their drawings, sang and recited poems. Speaking during the night, IHH Gaza Representative noted the IHH has been caring for 7,000 orphans.

"I congratulate you all for fighting with your blood, lives and children for the sake of these lands, and announce to the entire world that we are with you. Palestinians were never alone and will never be alone," Officer said.

Hamas Prime Ministry and Social Affairs Ministry presented certificates of appreciation to the IHH for its relief efforts in Gaza.

IHH aid efforts in Gaza are ongoing under the supervision of the IHH Bureau in Gaza.

Foodstuff was delivered to 500 needy families. Bags and educational tools were given to 600 students in Zahra and Musaddar regions.

Vocational training centers were opened for women in Khan Yunis and Jabaliya. Trainee women are given training in sewing and embroidery and computer. The products of trainees are put on sale to raise funding for the center. The center is planning to train 1,000 students in a year.

The IHH is also supporting agriculture in Gaza, which has fertile lands. The foundation donated a bulldozer worth $72,000 to the Aqsa Foundation to contribute to its agricultural and livestock breeding activities.

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