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IHH sends research teams to Lebanon
IHH teams made a visit to Lebanon where almost two million Syrian refugees are living now in order to get to know the situation before planning the aid campaigns.
Lubnan, Syria 12.03.2014

IHH which is delivering aid to refugees inside Syria and in neighbouring countries since the civil war broke out, sent teams to Lebanon for a detailed field research.

Almost two million Syrian refugees are living in Lebanon now.

According to the reports IHH receives from the NGOs in the region, Lebanon was the first country Syrians took refuge following the attacks on Humus that started in April 2011. The official number of refugees is 1 million. But the local institutions inform us that with the unregistered refugees the total actual number is around 1.7 to 2 millions.

The conditions of Syrian refugees in Lebanon are extremely bad. They are living in sleazy refugee camps that they set up by their own means in the region. The aids by local charity organizations remain insufficient. According to the investigation of IHH teams in the region, NGOs and charity organizations are unable to deliver aid to hundreds of thousands of people including mostly women and children.  


Attacks on Damascus and Humus accelerate refugees fleeing

After the first assault on Humus Syrian citizens started to flee to Lebanon which accelerated after the atrocities in Damascus in 2012. After the attacks on civilians in Damascus, Humus and their vicinity escalated, the number of refugees reached millions.


The official Syrian refugee camp located at the border with Damascus in Lebanon needs a long list of supplies.


After their on-site visit IHH teams have reported that food, cleaning materials, blankets, shelter as well as medicine and medical equipments are urgently needed in the region.


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