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IHH Statement On Obama’s Warning
According to recent media reports, Barack H. Obama, President of the U.S.A. warned Turkish PM R. Tayyip Erdogan at a meeting in Canada regarding Turkey’s request on an independent inquiry of the floti
Palestine, South America, Middle East, Turkey 06.07.2010

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, in response to Obama’s warning, launched a written press statement saying “Israel is the guilty party. We are not afraid of anything. We do not fear Israel’s black propaganda files.”

The statement reads:

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, does and will continue to insist on its request for an independent international inquiry. We are not afraid of the black propaganda files that Israel has prepared to whitewash its attack and to divert public attention to other matters.

Israel carried a murderous attack on Mavi Marmara ship in international waters and killed 9 innocent people. Israel is the one who is guilty. The whole world condemned the attack that was carried towards civilian people whose only aim was to  deliver humanitarian aid. We, as IHH, request Israel to be held accountable for what it did before international laws. We will be a watchdog of this issue. We do not have any reservations regarding an independent inquiry that will be pursued by setting up an international commission. All parties should put forth their evidence. If Israel believes that it is not guilty, then it should not try to escape from such an inquiry.

What will they accuse the people on Mavi Marmara of? Those people who were attacked in international waters tried to defend themselves. Israel is guilty anyway according to international laws. We also hope that Turkey, in order to protect the rights of its citizens, will not step back from its request for an independent inquiry.

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