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IHH takes aid to flood-stricken Jakarta
Teams from IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation are taking relief to flood victims in Indonesian capital of Jakarta.
Indonesia, SouthAsia 22.01.2013

 Jakarta has been flooded due to heavy rains which began on Jan. 16 and continued incessantly for two days. IHH has launched work to take emergency aid to flood-stricken areas.

Flood waters rose as high as six meters in Grand Mosque, Bidara Cina, Kampung Melayu, Grogol, Rawa Buaya, Karet Tengsin, Moura Baru, Bekasi and Kapukk Moura regions.

Representatives from local civil society organizations complain that state authorities do not take the necessary measures in the aftermath of the floods. They said let alone taking emergency aid to the flood victims, the authorities did not even help those who were stranded in their houses.

The civil society representatives also warned against outbreak of epidemics and hunger in the upcoming days, calling on the authorities to make a call for international aid and declare state of emergency.

IHH has already begun humanitarian relief activities in the region. The foundation has initially provided a financial assistance of 10,000 euros to the region. IHH will also slaughter 10 cattle, donated to the foundation to be sacrificed as nazhr animals, and deliver their meat to the flood victims.

Continuing his examinations in the region, Reşad Başer, IHH representative in Indonesia and manager of Istanbul Orphan Complex in Aceh, said women and children in particular are in a poor condition in Jakarta. He said patients have difficulty in finding the medicines necessary for their treatment and people who were stranded in their houses took shelter in the roofs of their houses and wait for the withdrawal of the flood waters. It is not known how long their waiting will continue.

Meanwhile, Post Keadilan Peduli Ummat (PKPU), a sister foundation to IHH in Indonesia, has been carrying out relief work in nine different regions for flood victims. Aid volunteers try to reach people with boats who were stranded in their houses. They also take ailing people to health centers by the use of boats. In addition, delivery of hot meals from mobile kitchens and aid packages continue for flood victims.

People living in coastal areas of Jakarta where flood waters have not withdrawn although rains have ended, had to leave their homes. According to official figures, 20 people have lost their lives in the floods but the exact figures will be certain after the withdrawal of the flood waters.

There are fears about the outbreak of epidemics after the withdrawal of flood waters and reports say that epidemics have already begun to be seen in Moura Baru and Kapuk Moura regions.

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