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IHH takes aid to Muslims in Jammu Kashmir
Teams from the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation rushed to help the Muslims in Jammu Kashmir where 400 people have lost their lives due to freezing cold over the past several weeks. The IHH teams pro
Indıa, Cashmere 17.02.2011

Food packages which include rice, sugar, flour, cooking oil and salt were distributed to the needy families in the region. Blankets to 1000 families, 3 tons of fuel oil to 2000 families and 50 stoves to 50 families were distributed. In addition to these, 1500 individuals were given medical screening examinations. Necessary medication was given to the ones who suffer from illnesses as well as others to protect them from epidemics.

A total of 400 people including children and the elderly have lost their lives over the past month in the region.

Jammu Kashmir?

The Kashmir region which has borders with India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and People’s Republic of China won its independence from Indian Kingdom after the adoption of the “Indian Declaration of Independence,” on 15 June 1947. The Kashmir problem which is one of the key problem in the Pakistan-India relations still keeps its historical importance.

The region has a total surface area of 222.236 square-kilometers. This region includes India-controlled Jammu Kashmir which has a surface area of 101.378 square-kilometers, Pakistan-controlled Azad Kashmir which has a surface area of 78.114 square-kilometers, Shaksgam Valley in the north which has a surface area of 42.735 square-kilometers and under the occupation of China since 1962 and the Aksai Chin region in the east.

India tries to keep the Muslim people in this region under its control. In addition to this, the country has half million soldiers deployed in the region and it imposes a constant martial law.

The Muslims in Kashmir who have been suffering from the Indian tyranny for years are deprived of the resources in the region due to the Indian policies. They are made to live in poverty and thousands of people there live under the hunger threshold. Many epidemic diseases have emerged in the region due to the harsh winter circumstances and thousands of people face death due to lack of vaccination, proper winter clothes and fuel wood.

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