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IHH visits conflict zones
Humanitarian teams of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation visited conflict-ridden regions worldwide and delivered Qurban donations of Turkish people.
Africa, Europe, Balkans, SouthAmerica, MiddleEast, Turkey 28.11.2009

Qurban organizations were held in Pattani (Thailand), Mindanao (the Philippines), Gaza, Iraq, Sudan-Darfur, Vietnam, East Timor, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Lebanon, Jordan, East Turkistan, Somalia, Arakan (Myanmar), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Sandzak, Chechnya and Crimea. The meat of animals slaughtered in refugee camps was distributed to refugee families.   

The Islamic world rejoiced Eid al-Adha several days ago. Thanks to donations of charitable people of Turkey, people in war and conflict hit regions also experienced the joy of Eid. 

As it has been the case at every Qurban season, IHH teams visited over a hundred countries and rejoiced Eid with Muslims worldwide. Sacrificial slaughters were held in Spandon, Suppa, Pulablanga and Tokbanar villages of Pattani (Thailand), where Muslim suffered numerous massacres in the past. Pattani Muslims expressed gratitude over aid and thanked the IHH and people of Turkey.   

In Gaza, which has been under the Israeli blockade and embargo for months, 180 large heads of cattle were slaughtered and distributed to the Palestinians. 

IHH teams visited Sudan’s Darfur region, arena of an ongoing civil war, and slaughtered 130 large heads of cattle. Their meat was distributed in refugee camps. Orphans living in camps were given clothes.   

In Vietnam, 210 sacrificial slaughters were performed in Ho Chi Minh City and Angiang and the meat was distributed to local Muslims. Meat needs of 1,800 Vietnamese Muslims were satisfied thanks to donations of Turkish Muslims.  

In East Timor, IHH officials performed Eid prayers at An Noor mosque. They slaughtered the donated animals and distributed their meat needy families following Eid prayers. Impoverished families were also given food packages of rice, cooking oil and sugar. Local children were distributed chocolate and balloons and 108 orphan children were given school uniforms.   

Sacrificial slaughters were performed in Zanzibar and Pemba islands of Tanzania, an impoverished country in East Africa.    

In Mongolia, 498 Qurban shares were slaughtered in Bayan-Olgii Province, while 196 were slaughtered in Kyrgyz capital Bishkek and distributed to poor families. IHH teams carried out sacrificial slaughters in Mindanao (the Philippines), Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Lebanon, Jordan, East Turkistan, Somalia, Arakan (Myanmar), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sandzak, Chechnya and Crimea as well. 

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