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IHH-AYDER women's branch visit Syrian refugees
IHH-AYDER women's branch visited the refugees living in Turkey and refugee camps in Syria and distributed food hampers and toys.
Turkey 03.04.2014

IHH-AYDER board members Ihsan Erdim, Erhan Avcu and seven women members had a 3-day visit to the refugees.

The town of Osmaniye which has a population of 100.000 hosts 50.000 refugees who live in terrible conditions. IHH Osmaniye branch representative said: “30-35 refugees are living in 50-square-metre houses. Osmaniye is a very small place therefore the locals are not able to keep up helping the refugees. So they depend on the aid coming from other cities. For instance there will be an aid convoy arriving from Konya today which will hopefully bring a little joy to the refugees.”

Women from IHH-AYDER distributed 100 food hampers, blankets and toys for kids in Osmaniye. They also visited the wounded refugees.

During the visit, the head of the women’s branch of the IHH-AYDER Zehra Erdim explained their plan to help a 19-year-old refugee who lost his father as well as his legs during the bombings. “Doctors in Osmaniye had told him that his treatment is impossible in Turkey. We brought his medical reports to one of our volunteering doctors who informed us that the treatment is possible in one of the major cities like Konya, Ankara or İstanbul in Turkey and that that the young refugee can walk again. So we gave the good news to the family that we will fund the medical treatment of their child,”

After their visit in Osmaniye, the human relief volunteers visited Bab al-Salam, Bab al-Nur, Shammarin refugee camps in Syria.

The head of the women’s branch of the IHH-AYDER Zehra Erdim said that it is hard to heal the wounds of the refugees whom they visited and tried to ease their pains. “Yet we set out to help and do our duty like the ant in the story of the Prophet Abraham. Praise be to God, we reached out to many of our refugee brothers and sisters and delivered aid. Of course our task is not over. On the contrary it got bigger. As IHH-AYDER Women’s Branch Committee, we will keep doing whatever is needed of us." 

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