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Kurdish Issue and Solution Process Statement
The latest updates within the scope of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundations reports and study documents titled the "Kurdish issue and Solution Process" were announced to the media in a press conference.
Turkey 25.11.2014

The latest updates within the scope of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundations reports and study documents titled the "Kurdish issue and Solution Process" were announced to the media in a press conference.

IHH's study report containing the latest updates, findings and recommendations on "Kurdish issue and Solution Process" was shared with the public by IHH President Bulent Yildirim during a press conference which was held at the headquarters:

"As IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, we are not only carrying out aid projects to our eastern and southeastern regions, but we are also working hard to find a solution to the biggest problem of this region; Kurdish issue. Once upon a time you could only hear gunshots and see violence and oppression in this region. Today, we are pleased to see a time where no gunshots are herd and everyone is talking about the solution process.We have left a lot of suffering behind however, despite all the risks and difficulties in this new period, we are continuing to work hard for peace and a solution. We believe that everyone should be working towards the same goal. With these goals, we have carried out many projects and prepared many reports. We have arranged and carried out our aid projects by determining the needs of our people. We worked hard to become a part of the solution and cure the problems of the people in this region, did whatever we could and will continue to help them obtain all their rights and attain a dignified life.

As IHH, we have an organization in every region that has a Kurdish population and have volunteers spread across nearly all districts. We are an organization which has a headquarter in all cities and many districts across Turkey. With constant consultation, we carry out many projects based on the needs and wants of the people. Our foundation contributes to the peace process of other societies living through similar problems across the world. Therefore, within the scope of all the experiences they have gained, they will help the people in regards to the Kurdish problem. Current updates of the recent period, evaluation workshops and meetings were held in order to achieve a fair solution. Finally, in regards to the Kurdish issue and the solution process, we are publically announcing the following proposals and findings which were identified in the consultation meeting based on the field data and reports which was held on the 17.11.2014."


1. While communicating with the public living in the eastern and southeastern provinces, evaluating the solution process and the current risks in the recent developments in regards to the solution process, by specifically keeping in mind the events whichoccurred in the past, the public announced that they will be the "protectors of the peace and solution process, victory will be for those who defend the peace and solution process. We are going to be the one who will observe, push for and follow this process!" "We are the third eye" they said.

2. The solution process has surpassed the Government, PKK and everyone else. It is the public's process. The public sees the Kurdish issue as their own and have shown their determination in regards to solving the problems occurring around it. The public will support anyone who contributes to this peace decision.

3. Although the public might have lost a bit of hope, they are more determined. They are not willing to give up on the solution process. The public has not given up on the solution process because they want a life free from bloodshed. They want a life where freedom prevails. The public does not want to hear gunshots; they want to hear the sound of joyful children running around. They imagine a fear free life for their children, a life where they have obtained their rights and dignity, a peaceful and happy life without compromising their identity.

4. Although the problem was raised from negligence over the years which caused a nationalist discourse to strengthen in the region and come forward into the limelight, we need to remember that there are groups which think differently and that both parties, including the Kurdish public agree to the problem. Furthermore, there are other groups with different ethnicities and beliefs which support this problem. Despite the fact that there are some groups who use violence to blackmail and act as if they represent the Kurdish population, they do not represent the bigger picture. It doesn't mean that everyone in the Kurdish community have accepted this. PKK and the PPK elements have a serious political foundation, but they do not represent the whole Kurdish community either. It is not correct to say that the government represents the whole Turkish community. You can see a major difference in PKK's ideological requests and the other Kurdish community's general needs.

5. During the recent period of the solution process, the regional developments outside of Turkey will not be considered separately and has now gained an international dimension. We can now see that the regional countries and international forces have joined the process (for or against the solution politically). The conflict / war in Kobani reaching a global dimension are signs of this. We can see that the events in Kobani are negativity effecting Turkey's solution process and are becoming a means for political discourses. Regional developments should not affect the solution process and steps should be taken in accordance to this. It must not be forgotten that, once Turkey solves the Kurdish problem there is going to be peace in the region and all the games played on the Kurdish-Turkish-Arab ethnicities which caused conflict will be over.

6. Although it seems like all the general conflict and unrest in the Middle East is caused by various actors, it is in fact coming from one origin. Therefore, the Kurdish problem, incidents at Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Syrian problem, Iraq's instability and the Kobani incidents are all linked. The Imperialism and Zionism actors are all to blame for all the unrest. We need to draw attention to the global powers of regional hegemony, and the games played using the blood of the people. However, we are going to see a historical process where the oppressed Kurdish people will stand together with their brothers, regional community and justice against the US and Israeli unions games.

7. Continuation of the solution process is essential. However, the process and the significance are not well understood. There wasn't enough information and awareness drawn to various factors such as how it will affect the regional community and Turkey, bring about a peaceful environment, how everyone will benefit in many ways, everyone's life will no longer be in danger, the Kurdish identity injustice will be abolished, brotherhood ties will be strengthened, the games of the external forces will be over, happiness, hope and welfare will increase, possible benefits and how life standards will improve in every way. If the solution process does not continue positively, the Turk-Kurd-Arab brotherhood will be ruined.

8. Just like before, the PKK gained sovereignty and silenced/ended opposition groups by displaying their biased understanding and approach. Similarly, on the 6th and 7th of October they acted in the same manner and showed that they could not tolerate any change. They also went into a struggle to discredit the opponents and show them as a target.

9. As mentioned above, there is an authority and political gap due to the solution process. But in order to continue the solution process, there should not be any opportunity given to anyone who attempts to cause unrest and necessary precautions should be taken. PKK/KCK has filled the authority gap in the region by forming their own government. There is parallel management, parallel judgment and parallel security mechanisms established in the region. They also have their own road blockages, identity checks, tax release etc...

10. The Kurdish community believes in the solution process. They have also sent out a message to the PKK notifying them to leave their armed struggle. This message is striking, especially coming from the mothers; mothers who have had children going to the mountains or was taken there by force at a young age and have had their children kept in prison. However, their voice was not heard loud enough in Turkey, in order for anyone to respond.

11. After the events which occurred on the 6th and 7th, the public questioned the following: Is the aim to fight or is it to achieve the goals which are subject to the struggle? The public is now standing up against those who are using the struggle itself to obtain political, social, economic or other gains. They are stating that they will not allow anyone to ruin the peaceful life that will come with the solution for their own accounts and benefits.

12. Another important situation which is arising in this region is the attacks which are being directed to powerful Islamic NGOs' and Muslim identities. The next systematic step taken in these attacks are that it turns into a ruthless policy while they are subjected to coercion "they either participate or they have to leave this region." As a result, the Islamic establishment is removed while the PKK/KCK takes ownership of the region. In addition to this matter, those who carry a religious identity are forced out of this region. It is essential to take more precautions in regards to this matter. Also, it is seen that wealthy families are forced to leave the region in a similar manner due to safety reasons. Another observation made is that students who prefer to go to Imam Hatip schools are humiliated, degraded and excluded purposely by the PKK. Necessary precautions need to be taken in regards to this matter as well.

13. We can see that political party leaders and representatives, regardless of which party they are from; starting with MP's of the region are not taking part in the solution process and not following the public's request for peace actively.

14. Today Islam and the Muslim actors in the Middle East are being left out by having various political games played upon them, and have a campaign to make them disliked by society by selecting bad role models to represent them. However, these lands have thousands of years of Islamic heritage and will play an important role in the solution process of today's problems. Within this scope, an ideological and moral degeneration will be prevented and will have a positive impact in the solution process. We will not allow the morals and values of Islam to be used as a political tool by sovereign powers. We believe that by establishing the foundation of it, we will be simplifying the solution process. Because we believe that tribes and languages are not there to show superiority or cause humiliation, they are signs created in order for us to recognize each other.


1. Any argument between the parties, regardless of what to issue is should not affect the negotiation process, the process should continue in absolute terms, and no one should leave the table.

2. The problem has turned into a trauma for everyone in the country. In order to remove this situation which deepens the psychological disintegration, the government should remove all restrictions and must return all the rights that were usurped. Once the rights are given, it should not be associated with the armistice process. Rights and freedom arrangements must be made and carried out immediately. The process of the armistice is between the PKK and the government. It is the obligation of the state to provide rights and freedom to the citizens.

3. From time to time, the state only addressing the PKK or Ocalan during the process, has caused very serious problems to occur in the solution process. In order for the peace process to last, they need to include every group and element into the solution process.

4. Political actors should determine their discourse in regards to the Kurdish matter and the solution process with precision. They should avoid using any expression which represents anger, hopelessness or pain. Manipulation of this type is expressed as a conscious subject of disinformation in the Kurdish issue's solution process and will be used as an opportunity for those who do not want the solution process.

5. The process must continue. Both parties should continue the settlement process in front of the arbitration and publicly. Also, the resolution process calendar should be determined by both parties and announced to the public. They should explain what they are going to do, how they are going to do it and what is expected of them step by step. The public should be able to follow the updates closely. This way they will be able to prevent misunderstanding each other and the public being swayed negatively. The state should clearly show their plans and what they are going to do during the solution process. It is the regional public's right to know the fundamental issues, requests and updates openly. On the other hand, during the solution process, the requests of the regional public and the thoughts and recommendations of everyone who is taking part in the details of processes should be stated to the public clearly.

6. The messages coming from Öcalan via second and third channels/parties should be avoided. As long as Öcalan supports peace and solution, there should be a channel where he can directly speak. In particular, the young generation who is accepted as the third generation should hear each step and call from İmralı in regards to peace and solution agentless.

7. Even though the authority gap in regards to issues on the 6th and 7th of October has been interpreted in different ways, as a result the responsibility of the people who have lost their lives and lived through grievances is the governments. No matter what the reason is the processing of crime should not be allowed, an effective investigation should be conducted and the criminals should be punished.

8. During the process management parties should not enslave the solution willpower of themselves for the solution.

9. All the groups and actors in the region, the NGOs, groups that cannot raise their voice or are not heard should immediately form a powerful monoblock. The block should demand and follow the provision of basic rights and freedoms within the legal framework. Which ever party it may come from, there should be a strong voice against all kinds of oppression. Besides PKK, every party should somehow achieve to voice themselves to all the parties. The government with its entire structures and institutions, should listen to all the demands that is arising from the region in regards to permanence of the steps being taken towards peace. The evaluation and suggestions of the people of the region should not be ignored.

10. On behalf of the continuations and sustainability of the settlement process in the region effective leaders in the community in regards to beliefs should illuminate the public through various activities, they should take initiative. By forming a civil initiative the youth should be informed. Instead of anger, violence, hatred, discriminator language+ discourse and action, the society should be provided with new dynamics with the language of love, peace, brotherhood, justice and rights. It should be noted that the new period that has started with the name "Resolution Process", cannot be presented with the label "Solution to the Kurdish Problem" unless it has profound changes and transformations. This is a long and laborious process and persistence will be built with young people.

11. This problem is not only the governments, the legislature, the judiciary and the state of all political parties, this is a problem of NGOs, universities, schools, media, community, opinion leaders, intellectuals and all. All of the other political parties should not act with a nationalist and sectarian perspective but should act with the knowledge of the Turkish publics benefit. It should be noted that just like the Kurdish population living in other regions of Turkey, in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia there are Turks, Circassians, Arabs and different ethnic groups who live there. However, Turkey's sectarian structure is an important issue to influence the process. When the Alevi  population in the region and the Alevi  structure and activities within PKK is considered, with also contribute to the solution of the sectarian separation and alienation associated with the Alevi problem.

12. The current government who is in favour of a solution to the issue cannot be compared to the previous governments,they should promptly remove or conduct the demands of all citizens from each identity in the constitutional and legal arrangements.

13. In connection with the resolution process and regional events, as well as the national press and national public, the international community should be informed aswell, there should be a realistic perspective in the region. This way the international community's false, incomplete or one-way/ informed actions will be prevented and the incomplete and incorrect perception in regards to this issue will also be blocked.

14. The basic elements that will provide the solution a starting point; if all the dimensions above are considered, the legal problems and precede the adoption of the economic and political aspects of the approach. For this, the product of one medic understanding in Turkey and not only the Kurdish community but all of the public are victimized in the same way, initially the Constitution a product of a military coup needs to change also the change in legal and administrative structure is a necessity. As the public are victims of the official ideology so are the public who has been threatened and victimized by PKK. One of the priorities of the success of the process is to also make the public feel free and confident.

15. For the re-definition of citizenship, strengthening of local governments, a new civilian constitution must be prepared to guarantee internal peace for the future. A light should be shed on issues of oppression, torture and violations of the law and a legal and political process on "asking for forgiveness" should be started.

16. Since the history of the Republic there has been unlawful process towards the public and in order to compensate for all the cruel practices studies should be initiated, the repairing of the damaged honour is not with the grace logic, the founding of the paradigm of the system based on ethnic basis, should be revised in the axis of truth and justice.

17. The Kurdish language that has been started to be used in Courts and management should be made visible in different areas according to the expectations of the people in the region and the public use of the Kurdish language must be justified.

18. Education opportunities legislation should be organized and implemented in the mother language. As IHH as we "Defend the rights and freedoms of the people in East Turkestan and we say to the Chinese government that they have to officially accept the Language of the people of East Turkestan and you have to allow them to provide this education at their schools" we report our demands and we're trying to create civil pressure on this issue we need to have the same attitude towards the Kurdish language too.

19. Within the Islamic basis the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation among all ethnic groups must be strengthened, volunteers and equal partnership and the idea of unity and solidarity of the division is more useful and better than fragmentation this must be explained, this should be taught as an educational policy. In this direction improving the status of madrassas should be secured under the legal status, the dervish lodges law should be removed.

20. All Islamic NGOs and groups operating in the region should take the side of the oppressed and must take the initiative in regards to this issue. Everyone needs to stand against cruelty regardless of who ever the cruelty comes from and whoever it is made towards. The attacks perpetrated towards Hüda Par's institutional locations or followers is not acceptable.

21. The policy to solve the process should be constructed on justice and brotherhood law. For the process to becarried out in a positive way all the opportunities and facilities should be used. There should be a spiritual soul and the youth should be educated based on this spirit. Everyone should feel responsible of every person that has died in the conflicts. For this reason, beyond all of the political expectations and accountability, there must be responsibilities prioritizing the act of human life.

22. All of the rights and freedoms given by Allah must be unconditionally provided to the human being. No matter whom the participating parties in solving the problems are they must display a Islamic, humane, free and a fair approach.

23. Presidential system or any other suggestions expected to provide solutions that contribute to lasting peace and administrative alternative models and all politics should be discussed.

24. During the solution process of the problem, instead of reciprocal tension positive language should be used, patience and reward mechanisms should be implemented. At this point persuasive language should be adopted.

25. We believe that, whoever contributes to the solution of this issue and aims stop the bloodshed in the region and save the life of a human being will gain the admiration of the whole of humanity and Allah's love. On the other hand whoever tries to undermine this process will have to explain themselves to the society, in the sight of Allah and throughout history. As IHH since our founding, we are honoured to take part in any positive effort to stop the blood and tears in our region and to stop the games played upon the Turkish and Kurdish alliance in the Middle East. As reflected in the view of the Kurdish and Turkish community, as IHH we are the followers of peace, justice and the owner of resolution.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation's charitable activities in the region inhabited by Kurds

2011-2014 South-eastern Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia Regional Aid Activities

Social Assistance; Ramadan food packages, Qurban distribution of meat shares, dowry kit packages, store packages for orphans, stationery sets. Assistance Budget: 4.661.519,06 TL

In the Southeastern and Eastern Anatolia regions, there are 3009 orphans in 19 provinces who are sponsored.

Van earthquake emergency aid work and construction of permanent housing. Assistance Budget: 10.025.460.00 TL

Şanlıurfa emergency aid relief efforts budget: 8.879.076,26 TL

The overall assistance budget of 2011-2014 Southeastern and Eastern Anatolia Region is 23.566.055,32 TL

Emergency aid carried out in in Kobani, Afrin and Jazeera

In the month of Ramadan there was a total of 27 humanitarian supplies delivered, 13 went to Kobani, 7 to Afrin and 7 to the Jazeera Region. 200 tents, 1000 blankets and 2 trucks of flour were delivered to the needy people in Afrin. During the Qurban campaign, 100 shares of meat were distributed in Afrin and Jazeera.

Assistance Activities to the Regional Authority of Northern Iraq

20 Trucks of Assistance Convoy Operation

1. 10 trucks of food- long life packages -11,500 units- 762,000 TL

2. 1 truck of oil -25,000 units- 92.500 TL

3. 3 trucks of baby biscuits- 42,000 units- 117.500 TL

4. 2 trucks of hygiene packages -7,000 units- 210.000 TL

5. 2 trucks of baby food- 6,000 packets-21.600 TL

6. 2 trucks of milk-46,080 units-76.000 TL

Total Cost: 1.280.000 TL

Regions assistance was provided: Erbil (Central, Kevirgos Camp, Bahereya Camp, Kuştepe Camp, Ha`z Camp) 1500 families, Sinjar (Mosul Boarder Peshmerga Control) 1000 families, Dahon (Seyhan Village-Dahon Central, Domize Camp) 750 families, Germav Camp (A camp close to Suleymaniye)

Warm Food Distribution Project (Shengal Refugees)

Region the Project was Implemented in: Duhok

Project Budget: 60.000 USD

Number of families who benefited: On a daily basis 2,300 families

Project Duration: 15 days


Rug and Blanket Distribution

Region the Project was Implemented in: Sengal Region- Duhok

Project Budget: 95.158 TL

The Supplies Distributed: 5,000 Blanket, 2,000 Quilt


Bed Aid

Region the Project was Implemented in: Sengal Region- Dahon

Project Budget: 29.860 USD

The Supplies Distributed: 2000 Beds


Emergency Food Aid

Region the Project was Implemented in: Kirkuk, Selahattin

Project Budget: 30.000 USD

The Supplies Distributed: FOOD 1,000 families

Emergency Food Aid

Implemented In: Hanigin Area

Budget: 40.000 USD

Number of families who benefited: 1,520

Emergency Blanket Distribution

Implemented In: Kirkuk

Budget: 39.000 USD

Number of families who benefited: 6,500 families


Distribution of Food And Blankets

Implemented In: Mosul and its surroundings

Budget: 27.000 USD

Number of families who benefited: 365 families

Ramadan Project

Implemented In: Northern Iraq

Budget: 32.000 USD

Number of families who benefited: 950 families

Number of families who benefited from Iftar: 310

Food Aid

Implemented In: Northern Iraq

Budget: 4,000 USD

Number of people who benefited: 80

Food Aid

Implemented In: Erbil

Budget: 70.000 USD

Number of families who benefited: 2,500 Families


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