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IHH appeals to ICC for Mavi Marmara
IHH has officially filed its institutional application to the International Criminal Court in The Hague on Thursday as one of the leading organizers of Gaza Freedom Flotilla.
Turkey 07.03.2014

Mavi Marmara’s flag state, the Union of the Comoros, appealed for a case at the ICC International Criminal Court with regard to civil and military liabilities due to an attack carried out by Israeli soldiers on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla on 31 May 2010.

The appeal of the Union of Comoros who ratified to the Rome Statute, was affirmed by the court, and legal action against Israel was taken. Relatives of martyrs and victimized humanitarian relief volunteers appealed to this lawsuit.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation with its committee in Hague, Netherlands has requested to be added to the lawsuit filed in the International Criminal Court. 

Further to the submission of the application, IHH’s legal representatives in the UK have delivered a press conference, alongside Mrs. Gulden Sonmez, Executive Board Member of IHH who was also a passenger on the Mavi Marmara vessel, together with a number of the British passengers who were also victimised by the attack.

Speaking at the conference Mrs. Sonmez stated:

“Israel is not above justice; it does not enjoy legal immunity as it once did. The International Community wants to see the impunity granted to Israel lifted and that it is held accountable for the many atrocities it has committed. Whilst Israel accepted criminality of its act and has offered nominal compensation for its wrongdoing, IHH does not believe that a simple apology is enough. Thus, IHH’s application to be registered as a victim in these criminal proceedings was received by the ICC on 6th of March 2014. We expect to be an active participant in these investigations. From the beginning IHH wants to see the rule of law to prevail, namely, lifting of the illegal blockade on Gaza and its populations rights to be secured as well as perpetrator of the said crime committed on Mavi Marmara to be brought to justice.”

Click here to read the press release

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