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Why does Israel want to come to an agreement with Turkey?
Why does Israel want to come to an agreement with Turkey?

Israel's persistence and determination is evident as it strives to re-establish friendly relations and become a major ally to Turkey following the deteriorated ties due to Israel's attack on the Mavi Marmara. When you examine Israel's situation for the last 5 years, its isolation and struggle to correct its image, the protection of military judicial authority - it is noticeable that Israel is constantly aiming to normalize its relations with Turkey as well as trying to become close allies. By this Israel is trying to connect with Turkey directly and also through the US. Despite, its intensive efforts, Israel is being Isolated by the world as there is an increase of support for the Palestinian parliament.

The consistent clamp in courts each day towards the Israeli soldiers, commanders and political figures is placing Tel Aviv under pressure.This is one of the main reasons an Israeli soldier has taken the Israeli Administration to court. Israel's main effort is to free itself from case-law clamps by its soldiers and normalize ties with Turkey in order to close the Mavi Marmara case as well as to make it seem as though it has won in the Middle East and not lost. IHH and the victims of the Mavi Marmara incident have been threatened and blackmailed during the period of judgment/accountability of the Mavi Marmara case, however, as Israel has understood there is not turning back from the lawsuit, it has preferred that the Turkish government ends this issue.

With Netanyahu apologising the process of normalization talks have begun. Unfortunately, Feridun Sinirlioğlu who has trapped Turkey in Israel's Palmer Panel is the representative of Turkey.The public is aware that there have been obvious and hidden negotiation talks countless times.The latest alleged secret meeting in Rome has been announced by the Israeli media.   

Israeli and Turkish officials have verified the meeting and have also stated that the talks that have been conducted in Rome are held by Turkey's Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioğlu and Israeli Foreign Affairs Director Dore Gold.The content of the meeting is to revitalize and normalize relations with Israel, mutual appointment of ambassadors, the compensation that would be paid for those who lost their lives in the Mavi Marmara attack and also the developments in Syria were on the agenda.

We would like to clearly state that we do not approve and reject the negotiations made with Israel especially regarding the Mavi Marmara attack as well as any verdict or decision that would prevent the guilty from being punished.While the deadly blockade on Gaza is still in place, while Israel refuses to abide by any kind of rule of law and continues its massacres it is a betrayal towards the Turkish, Palestinian and the people of the world - to normalize relation while waiting for the Interpol decision of the murderers who attacked the Mavi Marmara to be trailed, arrested and punished.

If parties who are participating in talks in an effort to normalize relations it will only be possible if Israel leaves the Palestinian territories it has occupied, the removal of the blockade on Gaza so the occupation of the Mediterranean, Israeli political as well as the military criminals to be punished and for financial compensation to be paid. Otherwise, just like around the world, Turkey has every opinion and ideology, as reflected in the consensus of the people that "No political will establishing relations with Israel will prosper."
For this reason we are demanding that Feridun Sinirlioğlu who has given Israel promises and commitments to be removed from his duty as he contradicts Mavi Marmara martyrs, families of the martyrs, all the victims but most importantly the Palestinian people.The decision to abandon the lawsuits of Israel's murderer soldiers to so called protect them should not be considered in any way. Therefore, the most important indicator of this would be once the Ministry of Justice immediately sends the Interpol the Red Notice which is waiting at the Ministry so the ones who are responsible are captured and arrested. 


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