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İstanbul-Kabul Kardeşlik Orphanage opened
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has opened an orphanage in Afghanistan in cooperation with the local Hedef Foundation. The orphanage will provide accommodation to 30 children.
Afghanistan, Central Asia 03.04.2013

The İstanbul-Kabul Kardeşlik Orphanage, which is located in Qasaba region of Kabul, was opened with a ceremony attended by dignitaries. Speakers of the event offered their thanks to Turkey and Turkish people for their relief efforts in Afghanistan. A choir including orphans also gave a mini concert at the event. The capacity of the orphanage is currently 30 but there are plans to increase it to 80. Orphan boys aged 8-12 will accommodate in the orphanage.

IHH takes care of 29,090 orphans in 41 countries across the world. Orphans in the İstanbul-Kabul Kardeşlik Orphanage will stay in four-person rooms. There are study rooms, computer and reading rooms in the orphanage.

Cumhur Yoldaş, manager of the orphanage which was constructed in a year, said there are thousands of orphans in Afghanistan, this orphanage is just a drop in the ocean. Calling on Turkish people to extend a helping hand to the orphans in Afghanistan, Yoldaş said the expenses of the orphanage will be met by IHH.

IHH officials who spoke at the ceremony said the orphanage in Kabul is a gift from Turkish people to the Afghan people, adding that IHH will continue to support the children as long as there is support from charity givers.

Martyrs Bahattin Yıldız and Faruk Aktaş were commemorated at the event

Two IHH officials BahattinYıldız and FarukAktaş who travelled to Afghanistan for an orphanage project in 2010 but lost their lives in a plane crash on May 17 near Kabul, were commemorated in the ceremony in Afghanistan. Prayers were made for them during the opening ceremony of the orphanage.


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