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Journalists take action for Syria
Journalists, who have rolled up sleeves to extend a helping hand to Syria as part of the “Bread and blankets for Syria,” aid campaign, will send the aid they will collect to Syria via IHH.
MiddleEast, Syria, Turkey 23.01.2013

Journalists, who have rolled up sleeves to extend a helping hand to Syria as part of the “Winter is coming… Bread and blankets for Syria,” aid campaign, will send the aid they will collect to Syria via IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.

A new aid campaign for Syria was launched by a group of young researchers and journalists. The campaign which is called “İyi Bir Şey Yap!” (Do Something Good) for Syrian women and children, is supported by many experienced journalists and writers.  The aid campaign which was inaugurated in the evening of Jan. 8, is expected to last until the humanitarian crisis in Syria comes to an end.

Representatives from the group who launched the campaign said in their website that the biggest problem on the other side of the border is hunger and cold. “Away from all political considerations and disagreements, we call on everyone to support this campaign in order not to leave the civilians, particularly children, in Syria alone,” they said.

The journalists explained the goal of their campaign as follows: “Recently, an aid flow began to Syria thanks to relief campaigns. Yet, there are 2,5 million people in Syria who are affected by the crisis, so the amount of aid sent to the country is not sufficient. Information coming from the region suggests that there is need for more work. In fact, we launched this campaign to send only boots to children but we have found out that there is need for socks and clothing as well. We faced with an unexpected picture. A friend of us who visited the refugee camps told us that there is urgent need for clean clothing and hygiene products for women there. Needs such as this and those we cannot imagine while we are living in our warms houses gave a shape to the aid campaign and they continue to do so.”

The main features of the campaign are these:

1-      It is an aid campaign which aims to help women and children who live in refugee camps in Syria or who live under difficult circumstances outside the camps.

2-      In this aid campaign, a detailed list of the needs of the Syrian is made out according to the information coming from the field. This is a complementary aid campaign to the others.

3-      As it can be seen on the http://iyibirseyyap.com/biz-kimiz/ web address, more than 40 researchers and press members who are interested in the region or worked in the region before, are involved in this campaign and support it.

4-     Only new aid items will be sent to Syrians as part of the campaign.

It is possible to have detailed information about the campaign and its supporters on the www.iyibirseyyap.com web address.

The aid campaign in the social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/iyibirseyyap

Twitter: www.twitter.com/iyibirseyyap

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