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Kahramanmaraş charity offers orphans clothing and iftar dinner
Kahramanmaraş Humanitarian Aid Association purchased clothes for Eid for 500 orphans in the city of Kahramanmaraş in a fund-raising campaign through text messages. Officials from the association note
Turkey 02.08.2012

More than 500 orphans, who have been visited regularly by the volunteers with the association for the last five years and provided cash donations, aid in-kind as well as social, legal and psychological assistance, purchased the clothes they wished with €36 gift certificates.

The shopping for Eid clothes began at noon on Sunday and lasted until in the evening. Deputy for the Province of Kahramanmaraş Sıtkı Güvenç, Chairman of Kahramanmaraş Bar Association Metin Doğan, Provincial Head of Memur-Sen Union Adnan Alagöz, Chairman of Genç Ufuk Association Şevket Yeşilördek as well as many volunteers and charitable city residents gathered at the store where the orphans shopped and shared their happiness. After shopping the children were taken with buses from the association to Arsan Center Laledan Wedding Hall for the 6th Annual Iftar with Orphans program. 

A large number of people, around 1,500 persons, turned up for the iftar program, including Kahramanmaraş Deputy Nevzat Pakdil, Provincial Mufti Muhammet Gevher, Provincial Director of National Education İlker Çitil, Assistant to Provincial Director of Health Dr. Gökhan Gökşen, Chairman of the Provincial Assembly Mustafa Özsoy, Provincial Head of AK Party Fatih Erkoç, Kahramanmaraş Bar Association executive Nuh Karasu, Provincial Head of Memur-Sen Union Adnan Alagöz, Chairman of AK Party Youth Branches Fırat Görgel, City Council executive Salih Paksoy, charitable people, volunteers, sponsors and businesspeople.  

The program opened with readings from the Quran and continued with a short greeting speech by leader of the association Süleyman Erayman. “We are very happy with the huge turnout at the 6th annual iftar program,” Erayman said, adding they were taking pleasure in offering 500 orphan children clothes for Eid. “We praise Allah for enabling us this year to gift 500 orphan children clothes again. However, we need more support from Kahramanmaraş residents to continue with such efforts in the coming years. The cost of Eid clothing per child is €36.  

Charitable people can sponsor clothes for one orphan or more than one by donating their zakat and fitr to our association. You can also donate TL 5 by texting MARAS YETIM to 3072.” Following the speech of Erayman, Kahramanmaraş MP Pakdil presented local student Ahmet Yetim, who is supported by the association, a prize for ranking number one in Kahramanmaraş by scoring 500 points at nationwide SBS Examination last year and ranking number six nationwide at SBS this year. Pakdil said he was pleased to be attending the program and wished such charity works would continue growing. “I hope these children will one day become statesmen, executives and holders of significant posts in Turkey, and therefore we should support them more. I thank the chairman, executives and volunteers of Kahramanmaraş Humanitarian Aid Association for realizing such important activities.”

The iftar dinner was accompanied by songs and hymns by Grup Visal music group. Mufti of Kahramanmaraş Gevher recited prayers after eating and added they would support the association’s project “Let every mosque sponsor an orphan” and thanked chairman of the association Erayman for their charity projects.  

The people who attended the iftar program expressed their content over the occasion and happiness to dine with the orphan children. 

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