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Konya Calls Out: “Onboard to Palestine”
“Road to Palestine is Open” convoy departed from the UK on the 6th of December last year under the leadership of IHH (The Foundation For Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief) is travellin
Palestine, MiddleEast, Turkey 12.04.2010

The aid flotilla campaign to Palestine receives participation from all over the world, mainly aiming at showing Israel that Palestinians are not alone in their cause. Together with AYDER (Anatolian Association of Humanitarian Aid) and Konya IHH Association, a dinner program was held in Konya Hotel Bera to discuss the aid flotilla to Palestine. The dinner was host to Huseyin Oruc, Vice President of IHH, Fatih Yuksel, President of AYDER, Hidayet Yilmaz, Head of IHH Association in Konya, Nurettin Yildiz Theologian, Rifat Dahduh, a visitor from Gaza, volunteers that joined the aid convoy, businessmen and representatives of NGOs in addition to various other guests. Nurettin Yildiz, giving information on the meaning and the significance of the event, also noted the resemblance between the hardships of the flotilla campaign “Palestine Our Route, Humanitarian Aid Our Load” to the harsh conditions that Muhammad (peace be upon him) faced during the campaign on Tabuk. Yildiz, called everyone to support the flotilla as much as they can. He continued, “In the campaign of Tabuk, an army of 40.000 were travelling on foot for 800 kms in the desert. On the way back to Medina, despite being created naturally fit for the harsh desert conditions, even camels could not handle the physical pressure and they slowed down. A person went to motivate the camels and sang marches about the importance of the campaign into their ears and managed to get the camels go faster. Our prophet said to him ‘May Allah be pleased with you’. We should be supporting this flotilla in some way, just like this person helping to motivate the camels. We need to act in solidarity in this campaign.” Huseyin Oruc, Vice President of IHH, pointed out that there is something everyone can do to support the campaign. “We must show that we are there for Palestinians. We should never forget our second temple Masjed Al Aqsa. The land belongs to the Palestinian. We will be sailing to Gaza with 1000 people from 50 different nations. There will be people from all walks of life onboard, united under one cause, Palestine. We will be carrying 10.000 tons of food and construction materials. Israel considers construction materials as weapons. They will not let Palestinians build their own houses. The ship will sail on to Palestine on the 15th of March.”

Following Oruc’s speech, Hidayet Yilmaz, Head of Konya IHH mentioned their participation to the “Road is open to Palestine” convoy with 6 vehicles and 17 volunteers in Janurary 2009, also noted that they are happy to be going to Palestine once more with this aid campaign in order to become the hope of Gaza and to show that they are not alone in this. 

The dinner reception held on 9th of April, 2010, was presented by Salih Zeki Kes, a teacher of Arabic Language, ended with the screening of “Palestine, Yesterday and Today”. IHH offered their regards to those 550 people who showed up at the dinner reception.          

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