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Largest amount of aid sent to Syria at once: 1000 tons of flour
A humanitarian aid convoy, consisting 43 trucks, have set out for Syria to take 1,000 tons of flour with the cooperation of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and Human Appeal.
MiddleEast, Syria 16.02.2013

  “Winter has come… Bread and Blankets for Syria,” aid campaign continues at full speed. The 43 trucks set out for Syria on Monday morning after a press statement which was made at Adana Humanitarian Aid Association.

The food, which has been sent to Syria through the joint efforts of IHH and Human Appeal, is so far the largest amount of aid sent to the conflict-stricken country at once.

The 1,000 kilograms of flour will be delivered to the oppressed Syrian people in Aleppo, Homs, Idlib, Hassakah and Al-Qamishi where even bakeries are bombed.

Urgent needs of the Syrians who live in these provinces which are almost completely ravaged by the bombings, is increasing further day by day.

Speaking at the ceremony before the departure of the trucks, IHH deputy chairman Hüseyin Oruç said the clashes in Syria have been going on for two years and the number of houses destroyed by bombings in the country, according to latest figures, is three million. Oruç said around 15 million people have been affected by the Syrian crisis.

Noting that their most important responsibility is to do their best to help those people, Oruç said: “This crisis has actually shown us this: the borders drawn in this geography are superficial borders. When this crisis broke out in Syria, we understood that Syria and Turkey are actually one.”

For his part, Human Appeal General Manager Osman Mukbil said they came together in Adana along with officials from their offices in the UK, Australia and other parts of the world in order to help Syrians.

Mukbil said they are happy to send aid to Syrian people along with the Turkish people, adding: “I offer my thanks to Turkish people, the Turkish prime minister, the Turkish government and IHH. God willing, we will continue to send aid to Syrians without stop.”

Following the speeches, the convoy set out for Syria. The trucks were to enter Syria on Tuesday from the Cilvegözü Border Gate.


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