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Legal report of Mavi Marmara trials released
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has released an extensive report concerning the cases filed across the world into Israel’s 2010 attack on Mavi Marmara, which claimed the lives of nine peaceful activists.
Palestine, Palestine-Gaza, MiddleEast, Turkey 30.01.2013


The report tells the legal struggle fought by participants of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in Turkey and across the world.

The report, prepared by IHH Commission on Human Rights and Law, includes information about the Mavi Marmara trial as part of which Israeli commanders stand trial in Turkey and legal work carried out by national and international judicial organs regarding the Mavi Marmara attack.

The report, which states that real persons, legal persons and third persons have taken various actions to mobilize national and international legal authorities in the aftermath of the attack, reveals the legal struggle which has been going on for more than 2,5 years.

Please click to read Mavi Marmara Legal Report

From the report:

“Gaza Freedom Flotilla, comprised of Mavi Marmara, Sfendoni, Challenger I, Eleftheri Mesogios, Gazze I and Defne-Y ships, which began its voyage only to take humanitarian relief to Gaza and carried only humanitarian aid and peace activists was faced with an illegitimate attack and intervention from Israeli military forces on May 31,2010. This attack claimed the lives of nine humanitarian aid volunteers and injured 156 aid volunteers, 52 of them being heavily. The participants of the flotilla were jailed without any legal grounds, the injured were handcuffed, some of the injured were kept in jail for days and they were subjected to torture and maltreatment. Personal belongings of the participants of the flotilla were seized, the ships of the flotilla were damaged and many other rights violations took place.

Since the day of the incident, real persons, judicial persons and third persons have taken various actions to mobilize national and international judicial authorities about the incident. In this regard, the UN Human Rights Council approved a report which clearly found Israel guilty of many crimes and the report was adopted. In addition, there are ongoing investigations and trials against Israel at International Court of Justice and in other countries such as Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Italy and South Africa.

Jurists from all around the world have been working on the investigation into the attack on Gaza Freedom Flotilla. Coming together from time to time, lawyers and jurists exchange views for the serving of justice in the Mavi Marmara case.”

Please click to read Mavi Marmara Legal Report


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