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Malawian Muslims greet fellow Turkish Muslims
Malawi was among the countries included in the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) 2006-2007 sacrifice program. The IHH slaughtered 820 sacrificial animals and distributed it to 9,840 people in f
Africa, Malawi 08.01.2007

The IHH, which held sacrifice organizations in 100 countries worldwide, slaughtered sacrificial animals and delivered their meats in Kanjedza, Sunny side, Machinchırı and Mkwate mosques in the city of Blantayr, the most populous city in Malawi with a population of nearly 700,000 people. The foundation also delivered sacrifice meat to needy people in Chilobwe and Mpemba mosques in the city of Chiradzulu. Shukran Orphanage, Zomba Mental Hospital and needy people in the city of Zomba were delivered sacrifice meat as well.    

On the second day of the feast, sacrificial animals were slaughtered in Adunde and Chabbolo mosques and their meats were delivered to needy families in Chiradzulu. Malawian women chanted hymns during the slaughter and delivery of sacrificial animals, which added to the joy of the sacrifice and moved IHH officials.    

On the third day of the feast, slaughters were made and sacrifice meat was delivered to locals at the Islamic Center in the district of Chikwawa. The slaughters made at the Islamic Center, which were carried out in heavy rainfall, constituted the major part of the sacrifice organization held in Malawi. Chikwawa Muslims expressed their contentment at the sacrifice organization and IHH visit. IHH officials were especially moved by the happiness of local children at the gifts brought from Turkey. Upon completion of the organization, IHH officials returned to Turkey heaving felt the emotions triggered by the sacrifice, Eid, sharing, rapprochement and brotherhood.       

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