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Mavi Marmara lawyers’ press conference
Mavi Marmara victims reacted against rumours that the government will pass a special law regarding Israel.
Turkey 22.05.2014

Families of victims and their lawyers voiced out their criticism about the claims that the parliament shall pass an exclusive law about the Israelis facing prosecution in Mavi Marmara case.

The spokesperson for Mavi Marmara victims’ lawyers, Att. Uğur Yıldırım said that it is claimed that any international agreement between Israel and Turkish government without seeking the approval of victims of Mavi Marmara attack would terminate all legal proceedings.

“Because Mavi Marmara is a public prosecution, it cannot be terminated until and unless the court makes a decision. The speculations coming up in the press that an international agreement between the two governments will bring the case to an end and will further impede any other cases to be filed at court, are legally unfounded. If the Turkish government brings up an agreement releasing the perpetrators of Mavi Marmara attack of any responsibility, in the parliament and vote pass for it, it would be a blow to the fundamental principles of law including judiciary independence and basic rights and freedoms guaranteed in the constitution. If an amnesty law for the perpetrators of murders that happened before the eyes of the world as it was aired live, it will be a black mark in the history of Republic of Turkey,” he said.

Yıldırım noted that the constitution specifies for what purposes laws can be made. “Making legal regulations to reach other goals could permanently cripple the rule of law and cause constitutional distortion. Therefore passing law for an exclusive amnesty decided in meetings held for some political goals could violate judiciary independence and the constitution. We would like to advise the officials against leaving such a black mark in Turkish legal history.” he added.


Ismail Bilge, son of Ibrahim Bilge who was murdered in the Mavi Marmara attack said: “Until and unless the naval blockade on Gaza is removed and those guilty are punished we will accept neither apologies nor compensation. We do not want the government reach any form of agreement with Israel either, because our cause is right, and we will not budge in our right cause. If we stand upright, Israel will have to step back.”

The family of Cengiz Akyüz who was murdered in Mavi Marmara attack also stated that they will not accept apology nor compensation until and unless the blockade on Gaza is removed.

For the full press release of the lawyers of Mavi Marmara victims click here.


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