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Mavi Marmara trial postponed
Mavi Marmara Trial, which takes place in Çağlayan Court, has been postponed until 20 September 2016.

Mavi Marmara Trial, which takes place in Çağlayan Court, has been postponed until 20 September 2016.

Mavi Marmara Trial proceeded with its 11th hearing in Istanbul Çağlayan Court today.

Certain victims and complainants’ lawyers attended the hearing, which took place in the big hall, of the trial held by 7th High Criminal Court. A lawyer appointed by Istanbul Bar Association represented the defendants in the hearing.  

Mavi Marmara participant Ali Ekber Yaradılmış, who gave his testimony in the trial, said that IDF soldiers kept throwing gas and sound bombs during their assault on the ship and “they handcuffed us behind back and responded to any question or request with slurs and offensive words” he explained.

Another Mavi Marmara passenger Erol Çıtır reported that after they were detained by IDF soldiers they were undressed completely naked and searched through. “It was a matter of life or death in the upper deck so much so that blood was dripping from the staircases. They pulled down the Turkish flag on the ship. We removed the flag from floor using our mouth since we were handcuffed.”

IHH Board member Mr. Yaşar Kutluay pointed out that all the passengers who lost their lives were shot in the lethal areas “Israel has committed premeditated murder in Mavi Marmara let alone use of disproportionate force. They made us stand on the deck for hours. We asked them to remove the fatally wounded passengers but they did not care much” he said. Kutluay also reported that MOSSAD agents interrogating him during detention in Israeli prison told him “we killed many people in Turkey we can kill you too.”

After taking the testimonies the court requested the report, which was presented to Palmer Committee, from Turkish Foreign Office.

The trial is postponed until 20 September 2016.

Criminal Punishment Demanded

Istanbul Head Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against Aluf Gabiel Ashknazi, Israel Chief of Defence at the time, Chief of Naval Forces, Eliezer Alfred Marom, Amos Yadlin, Intelligence Head, and Avishay Levi, Head of Air Force for instigating the following crimes of “deliberate, sustained and brutal murder," "property damage", "plunder and looting", "persecution", "blocking communication", "denying freedom to the people", "wounding" ve "wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.” The prosecutors seek 32-year sentence for each suspect.

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