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Meaningful aid from Sanjak to Somalia
Muslims in Sanjak, a historical region lying along the border between Serbia and Montenegro, donated 31,000 euros they collected for famine-stricken Somalia to the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation t
Somalia 23.08.2011

Sanjak, also known as Novi Pazar, is populated mainly by Bosnian Muslims. The people of Sanja recently took action to extend a helping hand to East Africa which undergoes the worst drought over the past 60 years. Launching an aid campaign for the disaster-stricken region, Sanjak people collected 31,000 euros and donated it the IHH, which has been carrying out emergency relief efforts in East Africa since the very first days of the famine crisis.

The donations which were collected in five different regions of Sanjak were sent to the IHH via Murat Sancak, a Bosnian youth, to be transferred to Somalia. Sancak submitted the donations entrusted to him by Sanjak Mufti Muammer Zukorlic to Hüseyin Oruç, a member of the IHH executive board.

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IHH helped 700,000 Syrians in 2022.
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