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New building added to Moro orphanage
A new building which was constructed next to the main orphanage building in Moro which was established by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation last year was recently inaugurated thanks to support fr
Moro 16.05.2011

Conflicts between the Philippine government and Muslims in Moro have been going on for years. Moro Muslims whose rights and liberties are restricted continue to fight for their independence since 1970s. While hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives in their fight for independence, many of them had to immigrate during this course of time. These conflicts affected children most just as it is the case in conflicts in other parts of the world. Thousands of children have been orphaned as a result of the conflicts. The orphans who particularly lost their fathers in the conflicts are deprived of all their rights due to the policies of the government to annihilate the Moro Muslims and shape their demographic structure. The Philippine government prevents orphans from receiving international donations. It also prevents the locals from helping the orphans.

The IHH opened an orphanage in Moro last year to provide a safe place to live for the orphans who lost their both parents or fathers in the conflicts in the country. The orphanage which bears the name of charity giver Hacı Şerefoğlu is located on the Mindanao Island. Now, thanks to support from charity givers in Başakşehir, a new building has been added to the orphanage so that it can better serve to the orphans.

The IHH is trying to provide a safe, warm and peaceful place to live for 50 orphans, who are aged between 5 and 14, for them to lead a peaceful and quality life and stand on their own two feet. A team from the IHH went to the region after the completion of the construction of the new building both to inaugurate the new building and visit the orphans. The IHH team conveyed the greetings of the Turkish benefactors to the orphans while they had the chance to spend some time with the orphans. The IHH team also sacrificed 49 animals donated by Turkish charity givers and distributed their meat to the families of the orphans. During their visit to the region, IHH aid workers also delivered clothing to 100 orphans. The orphans offered their thanks to the IHH and Turkish charity givers for their support.

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