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New tent cities for Syria from IHH
After the barrel bombardments in Aleppo, people continue to flee from the city.
Syria, Turkey 20.02.2014

For the Syrians who are fleeing Aleppo the only refuge is the Turkish border. In the past few days, there has been an accumulation of refugees in the Turkish border. Those escaping Aleppo are in particular seeking shelter in the areas near Kilis border. The existing camps on Syrian side of the Turkish-Syrian border are having a difficult time meeting the requests. Those who have evacuated their homes and escaped to a more secure area are struggling in the harsh conditions with no clothing and are struggling to survive with their children.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation who has been with the Syrian people since the day war began and who have assisted Syrians without any break whatsoever, are now trying to offset the influx of refugees in the border areasby building new tent cities.

Babunnur tent city is one of the newer cities built by the IHH Kilis office team which has been built in Shemmarin area ten kilometres away from the Kilis border.

With the effort continuing for the past few days in Babunnur tent city, the last count brings the tents to 1000 and families are now settling in. With a goal of 2000 tents to be built, there will be approximately room for 10000 people.

The IHH teams have also built a bakery in the entrance of the tent city to offset the the demand for bread. There will be a regular delivery and distribution of bread in the camps. There will also be a dining area for the provision of hot meals. In addition to this, a laundromat has also been built to meet the laundry needs of those living in the camps.


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