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NGOs of Corum Gathered for Gaza
NGOs in Corum got together to discuss new ways to support IHH’s “Palestine Our Route, Humanitarian Aid Our Load” campaign to carry humanitarian aid to Gaza through the Mediterranean Sea.
Turkey 30.03.2010

Representatives of various NGOs in Corum gathered in a meeting to discuss what needs to be done for the Gaza cause. Ilke-Der’s meeting hall was host to a gathering of representatives of Ilke-Der, local branches of Ozgur-Der (Association for Human Rights of Free Speech and Education), Ilim Yayma Foundation, AGD (Anatolian Youth Association), Musfik Foundation, Ihsan Foundation, Corum Ehl-i Beyt Foundation, OGDER (Foundation for Teachers with Consciousness).

An opening speech was given by Selim Ozkabakci, IHH’s Corum representative. Ozkabakci informed the participants about the ships of the flotilla campaign to Gaza and the latest updates from the region.

Ozkabakci called out to the representatives of the NGOs, “An international solidarity campaign is being run under IHH’s leadership thanks to the enormous efforts of volunteers from all around the world. Our slogan: Palestine our route, humanitarian aid our load. The flotilla, planned to sail on with 10 ships, will be embarking on its journey to Gaza in May with the contributions of philanthropists from all over the world. Tons of humanitarian aid cargo consisting of medicines, food and construction materials will be delivered to the people of the region. We, people of Corum, also would like to make our contributions to the campaign. We want to do as much as we can, as best as we can.”, said Ozkabakci asking NGOs for their support.

At the meeting, representatives of NGOs promised their full support to IHH in their work in this campaign. Moreover, an outline of a co-operative working agenda for flotilla campaign to Gaza was drawn. The plan includes food fairs and charity sales, painting exhibitions and financial support and donation collection by the NGOs. Also, under this agreement all the NGOs will act together accordingly. 

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