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OIC official pays visit to IHH
OIC Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Ambassador Atta Al-Mannan Bakhit has paid a visit to the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation head office.
Turkey 27.11.2012

A delegation accompanied Al-Mannan, who is responsible for OIC’s Department for Humanitarian Activities, known as ICHAD, during his visit to the IHH.

Al-Mannan and his delegation had a meeting with IHH President Atty. Bülent Yıldırım, IHH executive board member Hüseyin Oruç and İzzet Şahin, a member of the IHH Diplomatic Affairs.

Al-Mannan said he is closely following IHH’s relief efforts across the world.

“We carried out the largest relief efforts with you. We offer our thanks to you for the support you have given to us. The number of problems and disasters faced by the Islamic world is increasing. We have to expand the scope of our relief efforts. By supporting each other, we can do more extensive work. If we do not fulfill our responsibilities for the Islamic world, our brotherhood will be damaged. IHH has become the biggest aid organization in the Islamic world today. We need to continue give support to Muslims all across the world for their development. As Islamic institutions, we should work harder. We need to come together. We need to strengthen our relations. We see that wherever there is a crisis, IHH becomes the first to go there,” Al-Mannan explained.

For his part, Yıldırım said: “We give special importance to Organization of Islamic Cooperation. We see you as one of the most important institutions when we carry out relief efforts. There are many steps we can take together. We all know what is taking place in Gaza today. The situation in Syria is not different than the situation in Gaza. We continue to deliver aid to our Gazan and Syrian sisters and brothers in many ways. Camps are being bombed in Syria now and civilians are killed. We saw many wars but we did not see any war worse than the one in Syria. It is very difficult to describe the tragedy, massacres, rapes and torture in Syria. Very saddening things are taking place in the country. We need to help more to the Syrian people. Syrian regime will definitely fall but Syrian people need a lot of help and support. As IHH, we have a big experience in humanitarian diplomacy. We can take joint steps to this effect. There are many things we can do together. Thanks for your sensitivity. We believe in the necessity for Muslims to come together. We, as IHH, are an institution which tries to win God’s sake.”


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