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Omer Karaoglu’s Van Concert for Gaza
Omer Karaoglu gave a concert in Van (a city in Turkey’s most eastern point), in a sports complex, for the Palestinian cause. Thousands of people attended the concert for the benefit of Gaza.
Palestine, MiddleEast, Turkey 10.04.2010

IHH (The Foundation For Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief) volunteers in Van organized a concert in order to raise funds for the flotilla campaign to Gaza. Prior to start of the concert a volunteer greeted the guests in the name of IHH Van, followed by a speech by Necmettin Irmak, writer.

Irmak, addressed the embargo in Palestine and Zionist siege in his talk. Irmak emphasized that, in order to prevent Gaza’s fall, all Muslims of the world should unite and support the Palestinian cause. He invited people of Van to give their support to IHH’s efforts in breaking the embargo. “We all have something to send to our Palestinian brothers and sisters.” said Irmak.

Following the speech by Irmak, the artist Omer Karaoglu went on stage. Thousands of people sang together to Karaoglu’s timeless melodies. Another artist Seyfullah sang his songs in Kurdish and Turkish, receiving great curiosity from the listeners. The great turnout of the concert indicated once again that people of Van carry a great sensibility towards the issue.

The income of the book stalls outside the concert hall has been donated to the Palestinian cause.

In order to publicize the “Palestine Our Route, Humanitarian Aid Our Load” campaign in Van, ads of campaign are placed on billboards throughout the most crowded streets of the city. Brochures of the campaign were on display and books were sold in stalls set up in Besyol area of the city. Visits to NGOs with the aim of exchanging information and support were organized as well.

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