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Orphan children’s Mawlid performance
IHH Kayseri Humanitarian Aid Association’s Youth Committee organized an event for orphan children to commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad aka Mawlid Nabi.
Turkey 25.04.2014

The event was held at the city’s main theatre and was attended by the father of the bar Mr Fevzi Konaç, member of IHH Kayseri Humanitarian Aid Association and orphan sponsoring families and representatives from various NGOs and IHH’s volunteers.

The event presented by Sadi Özmen opened with the Quranic recitation by an orphan child and followed with poems and nasheeds written for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Children also staged plays representing certain anecdotes from the Prophet’s life.

A girls chorus of girls aged 6-11 sang nasheeds and a boys chorus of boys aged 6-11 sang Asma al-Husna both of which were well received by the audience.

The audience was moved by the play about the Battle of Uhud staged by the orphan children. Following the singing and acting performances all the orphan kids walked up to the stage and opened a banner that reads “PEACE BE UPON THE GREATEST OF THE ORPHANS”

The event closed with the prayers of Mehmet Kazım Aydın on stage.

Following the event IHH Humanitarian Aid Association deputy head of board Ali Tokluman made a statement: “Those attended the event today left with a conscience that they have responsibility to lend a helping hand to those kids as they grow up and get jobs and attain certain careers.”

IHH Kayseri Humanitarian Aid Association Youth Committee representative Kübra Zıkkavun added that “our orphans have put so much effort to pull of this event and we showed them that they are not alone and they proved us that together we can achieve many things together.”

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