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Orphan Solidarity Days begins!
Greetings to those who open up their hearts to orphan children, make them laugh and show love by saying "you too, are my child."
Turkey 29.02.2016

Greetings to those who open up their hearts to orphan children, make them laugh and show love by saying "you too, are my child."

Greetings to those who live in Ankara, Sanliurfa, Trabzon and Istanbul but tell orphaned children in Sri Lanka, Palestine, Syria, Bosnia, the Philippines and Haiti that their "smile is worth the whole world."

As IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, were are setting off to the north, south, east and west once again for our 6th Orphan Solidarity Days program. We know that distance has no means on this journey as we all set off with the same intentions on this path of love. More than 204,000 orphaned children in 46 countries under 636 projects are waiting for us...

IHH Humanitarian Foundation is bringing you, our dear philanthropists together with our precious orphaned children under the Orphan Solidarity Days program once again. Close to 12 thousand orphaned children across 75 different cities in Turkey and 80 thousand orphans across 56 different countries are benefiting from the program. Not only are this, close to 800 thousand orphans in 100 countries across the world receiving periodic support. IHH also continues to follow and support the university education of over 2,200 orphans across 27 orphanages.

The program which consists of 636 projects, 273 operating in Turkey, provides support in all different areas including education, health, cultural and development projects. It began on May 1 will continue till May 31.

Within the scope of our project, a total of 5 orphanages will open, one for our Syrian orphans in Turkey, 3 in Bangladesh and one in Thailand/ Patani

Allah (SWT) will be a guarantor for those who are a guarantor for an orphan. As our prophet (peace be upon him) told us, we offer our endless thanks to those who stroke the head of our orphan children.

We are forever grateful to have you...

The Orphan Solidarity program will operate in the following countries:

Middle East: Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey

Africa: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Mauritania, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Chad, Ghana, Egypt, Rwanda, Niger, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe

Asia: Afghanistan, Myanmar / Arakan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia / Aceh, Philippines / Moro, Pakistan, Kashmir, Iran, Thailand / Pattani, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Balkans: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Sandzak

Caucasus: Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Georgia

To sponsor an orphan


For projects under the Orphan Solidarity Days program


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