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Orphans’ night in Kayseri
After Istanbul, an orphans’ night was arranged in Kayseri Kadir Has Convention Center. The religious songs,melodies and plays of the orphans were highly interested. At night from time to time emotiona
Turkey 23.10.2009

Orphan children later visited the City Mufti of Kayseri, Şaban İşlek in his office. Mufti İşlek welcoming the children at the door one by one took care of them. Şaban İşlek saying that Our Prophet (s.a.w) was brought up as an orphan emphasized how important orphanhood in our religion was. Mufti Şaban İşlek made the speech that he had made in Turkish later in Arabic and Albanian. İşlek having taken a group picture with orphan children later gave the children towels written “Kayseri Müftülüğü” on them to wipe their hands and faces after they take ablution and various other presents.Governor Mevlüt Bilici gave presents to the orphan children coming from different parts of the world to visit him. Orphan children from Pakistan gave various presents they brought with them to Governor Mevlüt Bilici. Speaking during the visit that was also attended by the board member of IHH Hüseyin Oruç and the chairman of Kayseri Humanitarian Aid Organization Şaban Sözduyar, Governor Mevlüt Bilici said the wars and the natural disasters in the world effected the whole mankind but mostly effected group was the children and it was a humanitrian duty to own the orphaned children.In the course of the program orphan children visited the governor of Kayseri Mevlüt Bilici in his office.Orphan visited Kayseri Governorship and Mufti. Also at the night the famous singers as Ömer Karaoğlu and Ammar 114 sang their mostly loved songs.The performances by the children coming from various countries as Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, East Turkistan were watched by the thousands of people filling the hall with a great interest.The chairman of Kayseri Humanitarian Aid Organization, Şaban Sözduyar in his speech talking about the contributions of the Kayserian charitables said they will continue serving without stopping. The Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri, Mehmet Özhaseki pointing out that the orphans are the custody of Allah said “ We have to mercy the orphans and show them compassion. I congratulate IHH for its activities.” Making a speech in the program, the chairman of IHH,  Bülent Yıldırım giving information about the activities in different parts of the world wanted the Kayserians to own the orphan children more.The night that 50 orphan children attended from 10 countries and very beautiful performances were performed, started with Quran that was read by an orphan child named Hafiz Hamza from Pakistan. Besides the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri Mehmet Özhaseki, the representatives of various NGOs attended the night. 

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