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Pakistani families given rickshaws
The IHH donated auto rickshaws to 20 families of orphans to earn their living in Muzaffargarh and Nowshera provinces of Pakistan. Rickshaws are used as commercial cab in Pakistan. The humanitarian cri
Pakistan 01.11.2010

The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is trying to organize a cargo ship named Gazze that will carry 3,000 tons of relief supplies to Pakistan, as it carries on with relief works in the country. The foundation donated mototaxis called auto rickshaws or tuk-tuk to 20 families of orphans. These three-wheeled vehicles are used as commercial taxi in Pakistan. Keys of rickshaws were handed to the families in a ceremony attended by governor of Nowshera. The families who received the new vehicles expressed thanks and gratitude to people of Turkey over donation.  

Square-miles of farmland and large amounts of seeds had been washed away by flood waters. The IHH distributed seeds to affected farmers to help them resume farming. $400,000 worth seeds were distributed. 

Ahmet Emin Dağ, IHH official in charge of aid coordination in Pakistan, stated the foundation would start giving animals to people whose livestock perished in the floods. Millions of people were left homeless by floods. Turning back to farming and livestock breeding is essential for life to normalize, he said.

Hospital restored

The IHH is contributing to the restoration of the Nowshera state hospital. IHH officials visited the hospital and noted down required materials. These materials will be added to the cargo to be sent to Pakistan with Gazze cargo ship. The foundation is also restoring operating room, eye and maternity wards, doors and windows of the hospital.

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4 permanent works in Sierra Leone
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